Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kungfu Paradise

Kungfu drink : Banana, Peanut butter smoothie. Tastes like a Reese's Milkshake, with no hint of the banana! Funkey Monkey.

French Toast with icecream ; this makes us miss the French Toast in Stanley Island, Hongkong. Same same, but different : It was thinner, artery cloggin oil rig that has kaya in between those egg layers. Sinful goodness.
Sampler platter: potato wedges, onion rings, popcorn chicken. Noticed platters tend not to include fries in that potato segment ; more often than not, it was wedges. Loved the cheese sauce and salsa.
Beef balls, was quite a genius matching them with mashed potatoes.

Crab chilli pasta - wow this was awesome possum, chunks of crab swarmed with eggy sweet chilli crab sauce is the best for dipping everything from fried mantou to fries (sigh miss you, yella fellas) to pasta. Fantastico.

Anyway, to sum up, it was an entire day in clinics but the driving force was meeting with K (after the Mon movie was postponed cos dad was coming back and had to pick A). It was almost delayed cos there was the fam conference at 6pm but my kind reg decided to let me go and we managed to catch the earlier Kungfu Panda 2 at Century Square instead of catching the hour later show at TP. (Thanks for finding me in the East, you tanned self!) The action sequences were pretty entralling and I thought there was better character development in the second one.

Plan was actually to eat at Vegan Burger but the journey to Eunos just took forever and on the way Bedok Point caught our eye, (or rather, K's) so we u-turned back to check out the mega food complex. For once, a shopping centre whose tenants were 80% f&b and 20 % retail than the other way round, though most of them tend to be chains. Kungfu Paradise (Level 1, Bedok Point) itself was an off shoot of Paradise Inn. Pretty multi conceptual, a bit Hongkie, a bit Western (Pasta, Cheese baked stuff galore) and a bit bar food (fried snacks ++ ) with a smogaboard of weird drinks (check out the above). You'd have some colourful fun here. (Everything's very bright and loud !!)

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