Saturday, July 30, 2011

Queen and Mangosteen

This is the post call dinner that WP promised, which I thought was also kinda an excuse to check out the Ted Baker sale; this is also the dinner where she splurged 300 bucks on 4 of us on this insane volume of food. Insane. Check it out.

The Pims that Z likes. That I ordered. Minty and very refreshing.

Cocktail Prawns

i LOVE onion rings. Esp chunky ones. Miss the huge ones at Brewerkz.

WP loves these hot wings. I miss Bonchon's wings.

Fish and chips which they're good for......well. I think the only thing i liked about this, was the curry sauce dip, which I dipped everything else into.

Seafood platter, which I love the cold crab shredds right in the middle. The crayfish were mostly empty shells, sadly.

Codfish. Smooth but not salty. I was helping myself to the risotto at the sides ;)

Lamb. Again I was checking out the carbs- these multi coloured potatoes were soooo good and fun to eat.

Shepherd's Pie, with lamb. Very curry based.

On the other hand the Fisherman's pie was very creamy..

This is the last and the Best !! The Goat cheese tart, with 2 portabello mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and a very crisp biscuit crust. Very simple, very synergistic flavours and texture.

Also, a salmon salad which no one touched (except the salmon). 4 of us 2 girls 2 boys finished almost everything, save for the greens. well done, except that the post call people were stricken with food coma thereafter...

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