Saturday, August 6, 2011

1 Twenty Six

Happy birthday Carol! Plans to play tennis were shelved after I ended late post take. We had dinner at 1 Twenty Six (Playground@ Big Splash) , alfresco dining by the beach seems very much like a beach holiday already. We lounged at the couches facing the sea (although I reserved an indoor seat ;P). We must play tennis one of these days at your new place.

1 Twenty Six, pretty much like Rochester, has a communal dining menu as well. For 70 ++ per pax, you get the Nibble or Coast (the latter sounds very good...) Platter to share, a mains and a dessert or cheese platter to share. Sounds like very much how I dine, so I get a bit of everything to try. But we went for ala carte in the end cos well, we prefer the flexibility.

The nibble platter - a compilation of their consequential nibbles - our favourite was the Homemade code brandade with grilled brushetta. Can't really go way off with Soft shell crab (frying yummifies almost everything), and with the Vongole clams with garlic and herb crumb (very creamy, and the crumbs were yums) although we didnt like the Potato Skins with sour cream and ocean trout caviar.

126 Home made burger with Ground angus beef, sauteed spinach, mushrooms, Fontine cheese and fries.

This burger is one of the better ones I've had here (I'm dying to try the 4seasons one...). The beef patty was substantial and had the smokey taste which I like. Plus the fries were really crisp and the thickness just right for me. A favourite for us both ;)

Capellini with crab meat, chilli flakes, leek and creme fraiche.

This is one cream bomb but I really liked the al dente Capellini. Enough cream dosage for the rest of the year (cos I ate most of it!). Loads of crab meat to boot as well.

C hasnt come round to this part of Big Splash (she's mostly confined to Sushi Tei - and I don't know where that is) so we intend (or rather, she...) intends to check out Brussel Sprouts here - for once, its not as cramped as the one in Robertson Quay. Beach side dining here is so rustic.

Had supper at Coffee club with calamari/wings/salmon quesidillas. And still got appetite for more ;)

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