Saturday, August 20, 2011

Marmalade Pantry

Saturday pre bd (after a very xian off day converted to FNAC day ;( ), initial plans to take the family out to MBS foiled cos of BV bag (hence making the trip to Ion) hence we settled for Marmalade Pantry (Level 3, Ion Orchard) instead. After some haggling at BV, mummy and I headed to join the rest -who already ordered!!!- hence we had to wait for ours :(
Crabmeat Corn Soup - very sweet, thick and loaded with chunks of corn.

French toast - tasted very much like fried eggy cake dusted with sugar and lotsa clotted cream. Anything with cream, or creamy is my favourite.

My Eggs Benedict which I swopped to salmon, converting it to an Eggs Royale instead. This tastes very clean and not dripping with Hollandaise sauce. Reminds me vaguely of Cafe Hacienda's now (which has closed and replaced by Roadhouse which I'm going to try out tonight!). Just eggs ben, and salad. Very very healthy.

Mummy's smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, on the other hand looks loaded with creamy eggs - but again healthy cos its lying on a bed of brown bread.

Dad's lamb sandwich which Mummy really liked.

Bro's steak sandwich - salty ++ , but big portions. and I kept koping the healthy chips (as deemed by sis)

Sis's Falefel wrap. Basically, an ang moh popiah. A very vegeterian choice which I will never choose but she likesl;)

MP is a very convenient place to have all day brunch (like for us, having such food for dinner), and yet not crowded enough to warrant a reservation. We just walked straight in to have dinner. Plus its a great place to people watch (and at the same time, be watched!!)

Walked around Ion for abit (to pick up Burt's bees and Mummy to F21 to exchange her pouch) before H. We picked up icecream on our way home cos we were too lazy to head to MBS to walk further. Happy bd to the on call;)

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