Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ben and Jerry's , X men

On a Tues when AM was clinic cover while lap choles were going on, and PM was colonic ops which ended surprisingly early, after sending short back J came by to go for dinner before X Men at 950pm. Wanted try out Roadhouse at Dempsey but despite the sign saying we're open, to the contrary its not! Disappointment ++ and it was already close to 9pm so we had to settle for Ben and Jerry's at Dempsey.

I had the Super mix and match of New York fudge, Cherry Garcia and Strawberry cheesecake. I realise its quite a fruit overdose and I really misst Dublin Mudslide loads. He had a waffle with the new Peanut Butter flavour (which he claims is not new). Waffle was too nuah for us both!

Caught X Men at the Great world city Grand - quite glad we caught it on the big screen instead of the lido small one. Solid storyline and the action is not as overwhelming as Transformers. And I finally got to try Garrett's popcorn! The cheesecorn tastes very much like atas cheezels. Picture with B1/B2 fail before a slow drive back (as compared to the rush to!).

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