Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blooie's Roadhouse

Tennis with J got off to a rocky hurtful start cos of the net which some one ripped and J risking tetany for. But we both have improved somewhat to get a decent rally. After which, had dinner at Blooie's Roadhouse (Siglap) after going around the world even passing by my favourite Arnold's to find out that Big bad wolf was closed!

Reuben - loved the saukeraut and the sourness it gives to the beef salami. But it makes me miss the version at Brewerkz loads.

Beef chilli cheese fries - his favourite. I think the fries are called their special cos of the seasoning they add to the fries just before they load it with cheese and beef chilli. Comfort food for him. And not forgetting his BBQ wings too.

Early day for him so it was H early. Would never be able to drive here on my own again, though its a lovely neighbourhood reminding me loads of Greenwood, nearer home.

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