Saturday, August 27, 2011

South Coast

Wednesday night (the day I got to handle day surg on my own!), Pops and Mum picked Su ann from Bedok and subsequently collected me and we headed down to MBS - where we successfully found the car park to the Hotel, but still when we reached the ground level we found ourselves at the Shoppes side again, resulting in a long far walk (cos we thought the restaurant was at the hotel). Turns out South Coast (Marina Bay Sands) was along the walkway facing the Marina Bay waterway (facing Fullerton).

My parents were initially astonished when they saw the place cos :

1. They didnt expect a bar/alfresco place

2. They called in and the waitress who answered no shorts and slippers

3. I was in shorts and slippers.

And we actually went to check out Pizza Mozzera before realising they were full and then having to come back up to eventually dine here. So anyway, we had no problems securing a seat - we sat at a communal large square bar-table. During my bd weekend, I tried to get a reservation here to no avail, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it not all that crowded. Though we only found mainly expats hanging out there. It was a pretty chill out post work kinda place, with good food to boot.

Lamb ribs - rubbed with plenty of herbs, this was mighty tender. Though I still prefer the lamb ribs at the Disgruntled Chef.

Fried white bait - fish fries. I think I'll stick to potato fries !

Lamb burger- chunks of lamb, and a goat's cheese patty within the burger. I had fun eating this in sections. Fries were also pretty good. I had mine done in Medium while Su-Ann had hers done medium well.

Dad had a Wagyu beef burger while Mum had the Fried Barramundi with fries.

The best thing about the restaurant is there you can actually catch the water works from where you were sitting (though the view's slightly obstructed by the trees). Eventually we got up and got near to where the action was- images were projected onto the spray of water, with lights and spotlights circulating around the skyline and buildings. Pretty sight, I must say.

The biggest surprise of the night was getting into Ku De Ta wearing shorts and slippers (not that I would try it again). And finding it super crowded at 10 plus (the last time I was there on a Wed around 11 it was not packed at all! and the infinity pool was already closed with no one!) and yes, also to find the infinity pool bobbing with swimmers. I must get into that pool one day. But amazingly, the drinks arrived in no time even though it was packed. We left early though, cos I was post take the next day. Surprisingly smooth night.

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