Saturday, August 13, 2011


Got booked by short on the Fri night before my bd to have dinner with Su, Am, Yan at Ember (Hotel 1929, Keong Saik Road). Arriving past time (cos not given a time!) we were all ready to order when I came - they all more or less decided (save for Am who owed us a proposal story), who turned out to substitute things on the set menu which confused her further as to what she actually ordered.

Bread was rather forgettable.

On the other hand the crabcake tasted like it was soaked in crab bisque. Its like, one step away eating from the real thing and so suffused with the flavour it might even be better than the real thing.

The crabmeat capellini tasted very much like chinese fried noodles though... Am's sakura ebi cappellini was drowning in ebi it looked so delicious!!

Seabass - I took out the bacon and the highlight for this was surprisingly the bed of mushrooms. Its a different base from the others who had the bacon ragout with mushrooms (cos they complained the mushrooms were shrivelled out). Very smooth sea bass but didnt taste as flavourful as them mushrooms. Yes for once the plant outshining the meat.

Palate cleanser Sorbet with grapefruit. Sour things make you forget how good the salty ones taste. How can i forget my distaste for orange. Miss the Iggy's rock melon soup muchos.

Apple pie - the layered pastry was very crisp and flaky. Though i wished there were bigger apple chunks. This was over in a few bites.

The biggest dessert goes to Am's Sticky date pudding. Jealous much, portion wise.

Met Fly, M, Cel at Filter after for some champagne but left after a short while, packed ++. Music's pretty much Phuture like though the DJ was just coming on as I was leaving. Found some peace elsewhere ;)

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