Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ah Chew's desserts

Post take Tues - only a thromb pile and then we were basically free- but with Mok and Jaime being my London consultant, too late too ex though! Exited at noon, then with the reg clinic running in the pm, our exits were still NOT happening despite others happening. Anyways it was early so J picked me in the end to initially head to Chinatown (long queue!!) then to City Hall then Funnan to get my coolbeans camera lens cover (auto! and star wars etc which I didnt understand)

Headed to Ah Chew's - almost wanted to bring him to Honeymoon desserts but I guess we were too lazy to cross the road.

A magically white combi - almond with rice balls, HK red bean ice with red bean and steamed milk egg white - never ate any of these before but real comfort food. Somehow I still miss ice cream! Almost thinking of going to Tom's even.

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