Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dann's Cafe

Week of short days, feels like passive income somwwhat. Lap chole, followed by a conversion (big faux pas pushing up and inadvertent ripping but thats not the cause of it!) cos of deficient post wall, followed by pseudo l maj lump that took 5 min, longer time for the anaes (and DA rash too!) and update than the actual. Resisted the break to eat (thanks mok for the soy/pancakes), and headed out to Dann's Cafe (Eastwood Centre) that Teck Wee has been raving about the alkaline coffees.

Parked my car at army camp car park, to the arrival of 2 carpark attendents, and then arriving to the restaurant with the chef's daily moods board on my seat... the above is unfair treatment to TW... only heart heart. i HEART the flat white. Possibly the best i've had here, nutty and natural sweetness from the milk. Mmm lovely. Would be back just for this.

And btw, even the tap water is alkaline!

Fish and mushroom cheese Tortilla wrap - not exactly a wrap, more like a ultra thin pancake. For it was not foldable - the wrap was toasted to a crisp and very nutty and grainy! Lovely with the cheese sauce within. I must admit I ate the fish separately - didnt want the wrap to dilute the taste of the tender fish. The sprouts by the side was most interesting.

LS also had the wrap but with sprouts instead, TW had the prawn pasta (too stiff!) and Mr C the hoggie - with baguette. It was a strange site to see 3 men eating organic, dainty brunch style food.

This place serves seafood and vegetables mainly - and too bad for my second round of coffee- the maintainace guys came so we had the last of the available coffee.

And I was so happy to find the elusive quinoa!!

D24 from Ice cream gallery - I must say I havent had a durian ice cream in an uber long time. The last was prob sharing scoops or just tasting portions. The last full blown durian I had on my own could possibly on a stick.

Went to change money at Chinatown (max cash out at 2k!), pick tri colored top, forgot the paper unds, then J didnt wanna let me do the groceries so we ended up at Kallang Leisure Park to top up the dinner stuff (other than the loaf and the salmon sitting in the fridge since Mon....).

The above was actually Mon's contingency plan in case the cous cous grains refuse to behave... Smoked salmon, roe, Philly's cream cheese, Multi grain bread from Swissbake. Yes there was ALOT of bread.... and I discovered the three types of roe..enlightenment

Somehow the mixed spinach volume was alot less than the plain pure spinach. New addition of corn, pecan. Bought croutons of the seasoned kind, but had to finish the Italian ones.

Thank goodness didnt open the chowder...

And there's still blueberries..yoghurt..

Intricately done up leftovers.... ;) thks to the one who DIDNT finish it up!

Booked the H Park and Fitzwilliam. Yay we are all set. Poor thing for the last min journal club/research PLUS both. blardi tight time better fly fast.

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