Saturday, October 8, 2011

PS Cafe, Ann Siang Hill

PS Cafe - Truffle fries
Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes

Truffle omelette and Mushroom croissant

K Ki - White chocolate cake with Rockmelon

Champagne Mousse

Sunday was a pretty chill round, with 5 to see, following which bf took longer than rounds such that when it all ended we had to see one in 33 in af, but then it was off to pick K then heading to PS Cafe, Ann Siang Hill. Its hidden round the corner, at the entrance to Ann Siang Hill Park. Went up to the second floor, where it was a East West clash. Ching Changs from the left, opera at the superior, and brits on the right. A tad confusing.

I was most excited to come here after seeing M post a single picture of the truffle fries, and eventually a whole post on coming here. So hungry after seeing those pictures, so dragged K here for brunch. She was post night, picked her up in my cab cos she obligingly came with me yayers. my face totally lighted up when the mega mountain of truffle fries came. The truffle scent in the air was awesome possum. Sprinkled with generous amounts of parmesan cheese topped it all.

In addition we had the Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes, which were very much like sweet pancakes (oh, the pancakes at House, we miss you), and we almost had another bread platter again (we're carb monsters) but her facing the mirrors with words written all over led us to order the Truffle omelette and Mushroom croissant. This must have been the most decadent croissant I've ever had, but of cos we had it in a most civilised way, eating it in sections. Everything from the truffle scent of the eggs to the huge portebllo mushrooms struck the right notes.

We then headed to Om to pick up (only one) black top, from which I finally brought K to K Ki (Ann Siang Hill) to sample the cakes- we had the Champagne Mousse (that's Lou's and mine favourite) and the White chocolate cake with Rockmelon centre. Was very tempted to eat the Mont Blanc again (cos its the biggest cake and it'll definitely make me full) but we didnt!

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