Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smith's Fish and Chips

It was 4 lap choles and a hernia (which I did) and 2 scopes of which one was for a hiatal planned for feeding so it was really interesting to watch if the scope would transilluminate (it didnt). The last with mr C while J exited with ching so after that popped by the lap converted open AR when mr F was using the circ stapler.. headed towards East coast road and eventually landed up at Smith's Fish and Chips (Tanjong Katong Road). His was Haddock and mine was cod but he ended up liking his favourite instead. Haha. I specifically specified I wanted the fish not oily - it was not, but damn, the fries were! Haha. And we rented infinite justice (he had a stack of 4 cds on the mid east) when we realised that it was not playable on the lap top - we didnt figure out the region. (region2). I guessed it was United Kingdom. Plus it an overnight. Plus I convinced him not to take the package. haha. But it turned out cm that I was right cos it worked on UK.

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