Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dempsey Brasserie

Rounds early today cos the t1 regs were prep for the workshop (but we still had time for bf before that!).. 2nd time here at Dempsey Brasserie with another bunch of sec sch frens -this time with qian, jas and wm. Expected to have brunch when the suturing was going on, but turned out i was the cam whore, gloves stealth thief, and caterer helper so was a tad late post gj/vasc graft fun. thanks girls (and boy) for waiting! they started first with jas's eggs ben, qians soup and wm's biggie breakfast, while i happily helped myself to the truffle fries while waiting for mine...grilled about the spontaneous trips i took =) haha. hi e, if you're reading this you're prob more updated than the ones here!!
Eggs florentine - balanced meal, healthy almost. Would trade salad for fries though !
Headed over to Brunetti (Tanglin mall) with qian cos jas had to head over to Vivo with wm. We had cakes here mainly, though the ice cream looked damn tempting. no descriptions though, just their italian names. Qian ordered the Poached Pear cheesecake.... this was a tad better than the one I had simply cos it was a fluffier cheesecake..

Rum and raisin cheese cake just didnt taste of rum and raisin! dense bland.

Bought an XO cheese from Marketplace then headed to J's who (!) rushed to buy a dvd player after dinner and rented Son of Babylon to watch. Took a spin to furniture shop before coming back for the shop and simple comfort chicken cuttlefish porridge for dinner at Old Airport Road. Picked up satay sticks for the bbq too for cm. Went back for the call while delivering the matcha which was just as well since there was a perf div. Sigh call cm, missing the bbq plus the 2nd.

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