Saturday, October 29, 2011

Group therapy

TGIF. Fridays are the best in team1 - other than the m's to present, it was just the day cases. 2 lumps done bipolarly by J (cos of the collar one) and the other hernias were each taken by K and J since I ald had one on my own early in the week. Regs still having a headache over the video - post exits headed to J's where we bumped in the lobby - he headed for blades and mussels while I headed for laps before heading to Group therapy (Duxton Road) where the 6pm meeting officially started at 7pm.

The casual cafe only opens after 7pm, but the 2 lady owners welcomed me in and had some friendly banter before the crowd came in. The place is meant as an events place, and the coffee, beers are just part of their passion for food. Love the quirky furniture and vibe of this place; just check out the rockin (literally!) chairs below.
Don't you love these rockers.

Shelves loaded with my favourite! picture books (the missing piece) and stuff made by a non profit organisation run by a power 98 dj; from which I bought a purse made of tons of coiled up plastic bags and another chocolate heart. hehe.poor handicraft on my part though! but i loved the one and only.
Carol's beef stew.

My eggs ben with salmon. Must be my first on thick toast. Everytime I have thick toast I think of Kels. who is away atm. hello woman if you're reading this!! Love this creamy creamy salmon!

Could only enjoy her company for an hour! till 8pm where she had to rush off to church at farrer park. To think half a year flew by without tennis at yours! Miss those tennis days, with yh too.

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