Tuesday, September 1, 2009

da Mario's Pizzeria, KPO

Met Carol and Ian in town to pick them up before heading to the Robertson Quay area for dinner at da Mario Pizzeria (60 Robertson Quay #01-05/06 The Quayside). Original plan was to go to Bon Gout (but someone!!!!), in the end I guess just gonna save that place till that VIP comes...

Also with Michelle too who has been wanting to try this place for almost as long as I wanna try to. Robertson Quay DOES NOT bring back good memories and I kept tripping over Carol even she got scared too!

Last day after Paeds and Pysch tests already, so damn tired I zoomed home to sleep, only to roll out for dinner later...

Anyway, we were all really amused how the waiters (sounded rather Phillipino to me) could rattle off names of these dishes it was amazing!! Super well trained and versed... and everything that rolled out of the kitchen all looked and smelt so good we were all dying to start!!

Calamari Fritti Da Mario Style $16

Portion's small for the price but we liked that the batter was so light and crisp, and slightly spicy - very subtly so.
Pizza Bianca - Golfode Venere : Cheese, artichoke, Crab meat, green olives, Chilli Flakes and Olive oil

I liked that this pizza was so light and crisp. First time eating crab meat on a pizza and it was quite nice, cos its the main star in the pizza with no other strong flavours to compete with it.

Spaghetti Al Cartoccio : Saute Squids, Scallops, Prawns, Clams and Mussels in Light Tomato Suace, Garlic and white wine baked in foil

M was a little disappointed the dish came unfoiled (unlike the other tables when the foil was only unfolded when the dish was placed in front of the diners.....for dramatic effect?) but I think its quite gimmicky, given how it tasted quite ordinary to me. Its a tad too lightly infused and watery for me.

Fettucine Al Fegato D'Anatra - Flat Pasta in butter sage, Marsala Wine and Pan fried Foie Gras $25

This i really enjoyed - the pasta was so rich in the sauce, and the aroma of the foie gras permeated the pasta. Portions of the foie gras was generous too, and I loved how crisp the outer layer of the foie gras was.
Black Ink Pasta, Al Nero Diseppia - famous 'Abuzzo Tomanelli' from Rustichellas Balck ink Spaghetti, saute squids in garlic and squid black ink

Again this was really really rich, and doused in extremely salty squid ink. Squid ink is much too salty for my taste.

Tiramisu, $12

This was really full of fluff and cream and not enough of the liquer we were all craving for.

Cos Carol left her wallet behind (and I didnt know Carol and Ian was gonna walk all the way to Clarke Quay!!!) I gave them a lift to town so Mich and I settled for a second round of desserts at KPO (1 Killiney Road, Killiney Post Office), instead of having desserts at Robertson Quay. Laurent's was packed (apparently Dedrick and Fish were there!) and there was an ice cream booth outside Laurents which we wanted to check out to. In between the time we split and Carol realised she lost her wallet we were trying to find Bella Pizza.

So all the fault of the lack of alcohol and ooomph in the Tiramisu, the journey to sugar rush continues to Kiliney Road we nearly wanted to walk to Orchard Central already cos the dessert selection was so limited (we both hate orange stuff so orange crepes was out, and there was only either fried brownie cubes or choc cake or choc pecan pie, screams) but the icecream sounded so interesting we hazarded a try.
Plus it helped that the place was so pretty - a bar area, some alfresco areas on the first floor, and on the second level there was also indoor and alfresco area looking out to the roads. Many little crevices and green house like areas. There was a dj on the decks, playing bossanova beats. This place was quite hot initially when it first opened - crowds spilling out to the decks and plenty of gorgeous cars parked right in front (i heard the valet's like, $10 bucks?!) but now the craze has died...

But my craze for their icecreams has started! Was whining about how ex it was ($5 a pop) and having second thoughts to go to Udders but we persisited!

I had Chivas ice and Baileys - Mich had Honey and Camomile, and Donatella.

The Chivas ice was really refreshing - I've never tried alcoholic icecream in a sorbet (and i generally avoid sorbets at all costs cos I really really dislike sour citrusy stuff). But alcohols in a sorbet is another issue, totally.

The others were all really creamy - we concurred that the Honey and Camomile comes second, whilst Baileys for me, doesnt beat Haagan Daz's.

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