Sunday, September 27, 2009

Golden Mile Food Market, The Cove

It was an early day after RM's tut on Communication with elderly (which turned out to be osces revision on ng tubes, falls which were really useful) and no grand ward rounds meant no insane sweating and inching to hear the mumblings of the tortured, hurrah!

After reading ieat and sistablog reviews about Bugis (Long House) Lim Kee Beef Noodle (B1-27) at Golden Mile Food Centre- and extremely enticed by the peanut topping atop - we decided to go to Golden Mile to try.

Actually we were there cos we ended up at Beach Road cos we took the AYE and ended up exiting at Rochor - at first we were thinking of exiting at Alexandra to try the Lengkok Baru's dim sum and beef dan dan mian - then somehow we seemed to have scarily drifted off to Beach Road to find the kaya toast place (on our minds the entire time) - but failure to locate 37 Beach Road (we were in the hundreds, lingering outside CBD), so ended up second time round at Golden Mile after a difficult wait.

This beef noodle turned out to be too watery for us still and the peanut seemed to have vanished, dissolving into the black gravy- the best part of it is probably the tender beef balls.

Kelly had a case of one too many beef balls.
Couldn't resist the Zhao An Granny Grass Jelly. Crushed ice instead, please. We were totally amused by the pair of old ladies selling grass jelly and for awhile, imagined us selling grass jelly all day long. Our bubble burst when we realised we would be quite grumpy too.
This is the best find of the day. Yam, Tapioca, ONDEH ONDEH, CHEESE TOAST! This fried food heaven can be found next to the 91 Fried Kway Teow Stall (the one with no pork no lard and a huge serving of veg) -its on your left when you climb up to the upper level.

The latter 2 was the best - the batter of the cheese toast seemed merged with the bread of the toast, and inside laid melty cheddar cheese. The ondeh ondeh had such an ingenious contrast of textures- the gelatinious kueh with shreds of coconut all in a pillow of crisp batter. Pwhoah this is fried food PARADISE. Even though it was kept in the warmer and not straight out of the pan. I must go and try the fried cheesecake at Fromage. Fried, frozen cheese blocks. Fried frozen Patisiere Glace's Rin Rin cheese tarts. MMmmm. Idea.
Reality check when this totally blocked my car. Warning, gluttony to be kept in check.
Watched The Cove - this had fantastic 4 star reviews but Kelly and I decided that documentaries are not for us. (like Mad for English). Not in a cinema, anyway. The whole controversy of this film was that it was shrouded in secrecy as the scientists-activist group were trying to expose the atrocities committed by the J fishermen in Taiji, and the means they'd exort to, for their prize - of a dolphin, alive as a show specimen or dead meat to be distributed as school lunches. I don't know which fate is worse for the dolphins. Show dolphins are subject to massive noise pollution (for they've an astute sense of hearing, and get extremely stressed by the noise of the filtration system in their tanks), and the sheer stress of living in a fixed place, not speeding through waters in their natural habitat and eco system causes depression and shortens their life span. Yet the manner in which their other peers get killed (if not selected) is savage, stabbing amidst the hemorrhagic red sea of a cove.

To me, the show chronicled how life comes full circle, and how the dolphin trainer tried to redeem himself eventually after a turning point. The trainer of Flipper, the show which popularised dolphins and the cuteness and humane side of the animal, dolphin and seaworld shows and attractions started gaining popularity. But the turning point was when his own dolphin died in his arms, when it stopped breathing spontaenously. Dolphins are in full conscious control of their breathing, and it was depressed enough to want to go to a better place, a heart breaking, turning point of the trainer's life.
Got very excited about the freshly popping popcorn which came in clusters - if you take it straight off the popper. Anyway, wanted to watch Away from Her with Kelly but Marc and Jason couldnt loan us their houses so away we went (got Kels a little hopeful when I called her back thinking I lost my car key.)

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