Monday, September 7, 2009

Pâtisserie Glacé, Tong Ah, Pasta Brava

Met Chong after Acute Abdomen CTS. it was a like a live blue letter consult conference between the emed-radio-surgeon and the echoes from the speaker in his bid to speak louder was hilarious. We were intending to eat at Dozo but changed our minds and decided to eat at Pasta Brava instead. But when we headed to Craig Road, Pasta Brava only opens at 630pm.. We were actually early for once!! So we walked further down to Chinatown Point to try our luck at Pâtisserie Glacé (34 Craig Road#01-10 Chinatown Plaza). And we managed to try the Rin Rin Cheese Tart - Original Cheese Tart for Chong and Earl Grey Cheese Tart (on right) for me. This is like a frozen block of cheese, and was divine with the tart base. My Earl grey flavour was perfectly infused into the cheese tart, whereas the pure cheese in Chong's makes us feel we're eating a frozen cheese icecream. or a tangy frozen egg tart.
Oh yes, they are moving to Icon Village next to The Amara (and Tanjong Pagar MRT station) on 9 September, which means I'd definitely be able to access the place and blog more about it. When Chong and I first went there (cant beat how odd Kelly and I felt when we went there for the very first time) most shops in Chinatown Point were closed - and the area felt a little seedy, and this cake shop was like a aircon coffeeshop with a simple cake display (with nothing inside cos they were closing!) and an open kitchen. We thought we spotted the Chef Yamashita.
Still had 10 more minutes to kill so we went to Tong Ah Coffee shop (36 Keong Saik Road) and had the Super Crispy Kaya Toast - super crumbly and is like a toasty biscuit with kaya and butter.
Just yesterday I had the steamed bread with kaya butter , and another with peanut butter at Seng Hong Coffee Shop and today I'm back at the sister outlet Tong Ah Coffee shop, gee talk about obsession with steamed bread ! The steamed bread here is alot warmer than the ones at Seng Hong - but I think that the bread at Seng Hong is softer, finer and more spongy - here the bread has more pockets of air and is a little rough- is it cos Tong Ah uses the Pau Steamer, but Seng Hong uses a dedicated bread steamer?
We still had space for Pasta Brava (11 Craig Road) so we went back to our actual reserved time - we almost wanted to ditch this for more snacking. But we're good girls and we'll have a good, proper dinner ! Wolfed down (burnt) walnut brown bread, with crusty baguette with butter, balsamic vinegar and olive oil whilst...
What we do in lectures....

More scribbles which mark our grand plans for work and play, and everything else in between.

Ravioli stuffed with beef and in light gorgonzola cheese - The pasta has pockets of minced beef and a slight sourish gorgonzole cheese over the pasta. Right down my alley.
Squid ink risotto with seafood - The risotto was plump and rough, infused with the salty squid ink. Love the fresh seafood especially the lone scallop (heh no sharing, Chong!)

We decided to go and bowl then ! Off to Marina Square and a real coincidence bumping into Kums and Jiayuan in the MRT train - right at the same door somemore. If we had gone to Dozo or I had driven or we didn't explore so much before dinner we wouldnt have met !
Hideous bowling shoes!
We are gonna aim for more Xes!


yixiaooo said...

the squid ink looks potent! =)

julie said...

yup it really is, the risotto was practically flooded with squid ink. Xueling and I liked the drier squid ink paella at House too !

anyway, thanks for coming by! You know you had alot to contribute in my Hong Kong entries cos your HK entries were so tempting I had to hunt down those ones you wrote about! Kam Fung's beef omelette sandwich was really out of the world.