Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My phone finally dieded this weekend giving me mirror image on my screen (and i don't mean to say, the mirror like effect of the screen) and blue cherries.
Went to Hooked! (390 Upper Bukit Timah Road The Rail Mall) Parking at Rail Mail is very tiring, circling around and around and we admired the gusto to which some people squeeze in their giant cars. Luckily James was behind the wheel if not I'll be sure to drive off. Anyway, the original plan was Hooked but because it was eerily empty, we walked the entire stretch considering Sweet Salty Spicy, Galbiati, Blooie's Roadhouse and even Eat but ended up still sticking to the original plan cos James insisted I should try since he tried before and said it was worth a first try (implying not that worth a return visit).

By the time we settled down, the other family left, leaving us all alone in the restaurant.

Ordered a fish pie to start with - its a shephard pie with fish inside - salmon belly was especially good. I enjoyed the crusty layer right on top (a mixture of cheese and bread crumbs?) and the chunks of potatoes and fish went very well together. A pity about the large egg in the midst of all that tasty concoction - quite a big waste of space.

For dinner, you can opt for the dinner sets which are either $13.90 or $16.90 depending on the mains you choose. I chose the Poached King Salmon - which tastes exactly like the one at Ikea (where I eat two portions to be full). I should have been more adventurous and tried the other more interestig options on the menu like James did. But I guess being in an empty restaurant makes me want to choose the safer options instead.

Well being adventurous did pay off after all. James had the grilled seabass and this was a wiser choice. The skin was fried to a crisp and the meat nicely salty.

We wanted to be adventurous and travel to the new nature reserve at Dairy Farm, which was right about the corner. But we followed the terribly tiny signs till we had the option of turning to the BKE towards Johor (got too humji) or the PIE towards Changi Airport and no guesses where we headed to...Somewhere more familiar ie Adam Road Food Centre! Yes we had the Cheng Tng here. James was rather surprised to find no queue at the stall. Quite happy to find a dessert stall that opens late for supper.

This version was quite refreshing - and there is a sweet potato amidst all that ice. Dig for treasure! Good luck in your journey to the east, James.

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