Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fromage, Uncle Sam's Claypots

The boys planned way way ahead for Sports Day today cos the teaching in afternoon got brought forward, so the plans for bowling and badminton went on...Kels and I didnt take the badminton one too seriously so we didnt bring our PE kit, but nonetheless the insane crossing of the bridges at Clementi from the West Coast Recreation Centre to Clementi Stadium was enough exercise (and sun, thank god for auntie pink brolly).

So after the morning rounds and the case studies meds tutorial (a very young and enthusiastic reg) and the postponed community services lect we took off to Clementi where I got a bit lost going all the way to Pandan Loop.

Decided to have lunch so walked to Clementi where I met the brother at Clementi Stadium where the boys booked the badminton courts. Final destination for lunch: Uncle Sam's Claypots.

Whilst waiting for the orders at Uncle Sam's, Jeremy was getting hungry and wanted to get fried cheese downstairs for appetisers. So, Kelly, Jeremy and I went downstairs to Fromage (3151 Commonwealth Ave West #01-K4 CityVibe) - ordered a dozen of Mac and Cheese. This is really really good - fried thick batter wrapping the pasta and liquid cheese, I loved this to bits.

They took some time with this (waited for 2 rounds of frying) - Kelly said the first round's leaked cheese. I must imagine it must be quite difficult for the entire parcel to remain intact through the frying as the cheese is very fluid and the mac and cheese wont hold together as such.

This is the cheese combo ( $10.90) - there is blue cheese, camembert, Edam, Mozarella, Brie. I tried a bite of the blue cheese but gave it back to Jeremy cos it was too pungent to eat too much(its just me). I tried two more - the far left and far right - but I must reiterate that you must eat it fresh off the fryer for once it settles and cools down and coagulates - its not that great anymore! The cheeses that I ate were really dense and went fantastically well with the bread crumb coated batter.
At Uncle Sam's Claypots (3151 Commonwealth Ave West #02-11/12 CityVibe), I had the Thai chicken claypot ($8 before 15% VIP card discount). The portion is huge! The claypot gave the rice a smokey flavour, and I liked that the rice was rough and the sauces well infused into the rice, and the chicken pieces extremely tender and well marinated.

My other friends had the boneless chicken (house special) and tom yam noodles (rather sour, in my opinion but Dedrick and the others liked it).

Cos there were 6 of us dining, we managed to get a VIP card (15% off on weekdays, 20 % on weekends - yes you didnt read it wrongly) but even better, the students set at $5.50 has the boneless chicken set, ice kachang and a drink (we didnt see the offer).
Went for a round of bowling - paired up with the most understanding Wee Ming (striker+++) and Marc, I was counting the number of times I actually hit one. Need more practice!

Kelly and I then suffocated in our work clothes at badminton - couldnt hydrate myself enough it was massively underventilated - whether in the Sports Hall in Clementi or in NUS. Need aircon!! Maybe drag the brother to the country club to play in air con comfort. =) A strange showoff tried to pay us to join our group. STRANGE.

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