Monday, September 14, 2009

Holland Village - El Patio Mexican Restaurant, Frolick, Coffee Club

Met up with E and Jas at El Patio Mexican Restaurant (34 Lorong Mambong Holland Village)- slept the entire day only for E to be my alarm clock! Zoomed down stat to meet them at Ya Kun and handing her two matching shoes and apt Garfield late-ness card before moving down to the restaurant.
Sat at the al fresco area with red lighting so its terrible photos, and worse still, the dark shadown on the bottom right corner. Ugh, lurking everywhere! I refuse to photoshop.

This place is one up against Cha cha cha for its complimentary chips and salsa!

The sizzling smoked chicken fajitas is the house favourite and everyone seems to be having it (you hear the sound almost every other minute) and yes you might end up smelling like smokin meat too. I thought it was pretty average actually, tender chicken chunks to wrap in the soft tortilla wraps.
We didnt have enough of the chips so had a Nachos Grande to share - this has chicken, cheese, guacomole. The nachos at Cafe Iguana is much missed!
Salmon and Prawn Burrito - this is my favourite for the night. Rich in creamy sauces and meat, this was a real delight. Portion's a tad small though.
Cheese Quesidillas - it tastes exactly like a cheese prata foldover. EXACTLY. The oily, crisp flour especially.
The original plan was to go to Mykii for desserts but the dessert menu looked limited and wasn't tempting enough so we decided to walk out. Couldnt resist a trip to Frolick (Holland Village) despite NOT BRINGING THE ZOUK CARD!!! (I think I lost it actually.....) And this time its cos there is a new blue berry flavour that I haven't tried! Only tried the peach and original. This one is real sweet.
Had round 2 of desserts at Coffee Club (Holland Village). Mudpie - this looks huge but perfectly conquerable. The best part is the dense oreo base amidst oreo crumbs and the sinfully rich chocolate sauce. The icecream actually had icicles within so not the dense creamy ones at Udders.
Walnut Nougat Parfait - my bad for ordering this for it tasted like fluff after the mudpie.
Somehow the Holland V area lacks good desserts...... 2 am dessert bar is just too inaccessible for a big sugar rush..probably just a ripple in my bid for hyperglycemia.

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