Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe, Barcook Bakery, Yami Yoghurt

Had a super insipid Jap curry salmon lunch at the Jap place at YIH (i cant even remember the name!) with the CG minus Marc and Jeremy meeting a friend at Subway, after morning ward rounds and a super-quick falls tutorial with R.M. before having to vacate the place for the incoming HOs where we found out there was this baby bear book equivalent for the NUH HOs by HOs. And it turns out we ate the insipid lunch for NOTHING cos the afternoon orthoG tutorial got cancelled (postponed to Sports Day, Doh).

So Kelly and I arranged our own tutorial with the dolphins, wanting to catch the Cove but its a whooping 10 bucks at Cinema Europa at Vivo so we're waiting for a good time to watch at PS (so that 10 bucks can buy us student price ticket plus popcorn). Meanwhile we almost wanted to go back but a glimpse at Toast Box rocketed us down the NEL line to Chinatown to...

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe (133 New Bridge Road #03-01 Chinatown Point)My second time here. I discovered a new blog sistablog and the writers do seem to like the same stuff as Kelly and me! Actually we wanted to try the peanut thick toast (below - as recommended by the blog) but we still ordered the Ciabatta Kaya toast anyway. Today's was DAMN FRIGGIN GOOD I proclaim this to be my top Kaya thick toast. The kaya is eggy and lumpy (mixed with the butter) and the bread is crusty, with the soft in betweens. Kaya heaven, for a while.

The owner gave the writers of sistablog a sample of this Peanut butter with condensed milk thick toast - we had whole meal bread with this. Kelly spotted that they use Skippy's Peanut butter but overall, we couldnt really discern the taste of the condensed milk and this is quite replicable at home (the Ciabatta Kaya toast is not replicable though and warrants repeat visits)
We couldnt resist going to Barcook Bakery ( Blk 531 Upper Cross Street #01-54 Hong Lim Complex) to eat the Raisin cream cheese bread. Today's wasnt as awesome as the first time we ate it - we rationalised that its cos we were sharing that very time - sharing makes everything taste better. Company matters! Maybe also cos the bread wasnt straight right out of the oven - the cheese wasnt scorching. But the bread is as soft as ever, the sweet rummy raisins taste awesome with the cheese.

However, we tried a new bread, the coconut bread - which we shared and it DID taste better in Kelly's opinion...has a crusty layer, and the coconut doesnt fall apart easily (like the grated kind I had in Hong Kong which was IMHO much better than this) and Kelly postulates that the coconut was prob mixed with custard. She proclaims this is the best bread of the day.

Actually the whole excuse of getting to Chinatown was cos we were going to Ocean to get toiletries (dropping by.........) and we were aunties for the later part of the afternoon..

Headed down to Bugis to the National Library where I happily borrowed the Omnivore's Dilemma (finally!) and couldnt resist my third icecream of the day (after Mr Bean, and Milo icecream) at Yami Yoghurt (B1, Bugis Junction)- this is the peach flavour. Being $2.30 its much cheaper than Frolick (at $3.50 a pop if its not for the one-for-one Zouk offer). Its slightly creamier than the sorbet like Frolick, but not as creamy than Yoguru (which is still my favourite cos its the creamiest and sweetest and biggest).

Later on met JM at Starbucks whilst getting my mandatory Soy Latte. Must meet up soon! The last time we met was when we were having chicken rice at Margaret Drive Food Centre and fantasizing about that abominition of a Awfully Chocolate-Island Cremery - Chocolate sauce- M&Ms all in one dessert. Lets go for it.

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