Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It was one of the happiest Monday when I pumped into Kelly at my favourite plastics corner doing my dc and we decided we were gonna have dinner together. This is the best thing about being in the same hosp as my best friend; instantaneous outings, and help available. It got me through my day so much easier, and my exit as predicted was early enough for me to leave before 630 pm (for once). This is the start to an extremely good week.
(before that, we were actually at Ice cream gallery with my team which I'd blog about some other time). Kels has been wanting to try porn's but I persuaded her to try Chili's ( Tanglin Mall) cos I was really craving fried/cheesy/burgers/grease, and Chili's is everything that.

I love Tanglin Mall on a weekday cos its so quiet and feels private. Andrea de cruz was also spotted there, and even dining at Chili's too. Really quite gorgeous I must say ;)

Mixed Platter; This has the best of everything but I loved the Southwestern Egg rolls: tortilla filled with smoked chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeƱo Jack cheese, red peppers and spinach. fried spring roll with eggplant and chicken within. It was a very interesting wrap of meat and veggies. The other chicken pieces were quite unimpressionable.

Mini Beef Burgers
were not so tiny after all; these feel like upclass quarterpounders with cheese and sauteed onions. The meat was gruffy and so was the tasty toasted bread. The crispy onion strings were tempting me hence this choice instead of the cheesesteak!
Cheese fries - we got them to rewarm this, cos the cheese just glued the chunks of fries together. It got much cheesier and warmer after they re did it.

We were barely rolling out of the restaurant; we checked out Oomphatico's brunch, then walked along Tiedor Court down to St Regis where I went to check out the dim sum at St Regis. St Regis is sooooo quiet !! Gosh its quite deafening.

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So, when is it exactly you ate at Chili's then?