Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Paradise Dynasty

Went with grans to her church and after zz off during a class (i never zz off before you can imagine how those 4-5am days are really testing my stamina), we took a slow drive to Paradise Dynasty (Level 4, Ion Orchard). After this meal, Grans declared no more dim sums for us cos she'd much prefer proper dishes like today's (I think I ordered loads of meats, which she liked ;)) Besides, the dim sum menu here is really tiny. They specialise in Shanghai dishes, and not many dim sum items, mostly buns and such.
Paradise Dynasty does not accept reservations; only Taste Paradise further down does. Luckily we didnt wait for too long; we got ushered to an alfresco seat outside- I've never dined alfresco at an upper floor of an Orchard shopping mall before; actually , my rule is that I never dine alfresco anyway (heat tolerance too low). But grans doesnt mind cos it was a cloudy day..

Bamboo shoots in oyster sauce which turned out to be Gran's favourite - old people like simple dishes, I conclude. I wanna ask her to buy these from market but market apparently doesn sell...

Scrambled egg white with scallop and crab meat ; my favourite! mixing it all together with the yolk and the sauce makes it so delicious. I love eggs in any form. Makes me think of my daily Set A at kaffe and toast!
Drunken Chicken - very strong wine taste;i guess the chicken's not the only thing drunk.
Fish Slices with wine and fungus; not as drunk as the chicken! Also realised Gran's not a fan of fungus (then why always buy from market for us.......)
Fried Rice with Prawn and chai Poh; fragrant wok hei taste, I was deep in conversation on why home cooked rice doesnt have that smokey taste ;P
We went to buy more Halloween chocolates (hersheys finally sell their mini chocolates in 3 flavours but only during halloween season only; otherwise only found in hershey's world!); and more of my comic series of bakuman and les gouttes. I cant believe i've found a new phase in manga; i was deliberating on buying that kino card when i justified that i shouldnt be spending so much on manga (and qian said she can help me buy in tw.....hehe). But manga's just so brainless compared to a novel - still on The Passage. Can't wait for Jonathon Frazen's new novel to be restocked in bookshops; they all got recalled when I tried to find them the other time.

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