Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fou De Fa Fa, Sweet Spot

It was the day of changeover the day our new sips arrived; but we were so efficient we finished our changes way early (1030am) plus mteo didnt round so we quickly zoomed out for lunch at Fou De Fa Fa (168 Robinson Road #01-05 Capital Tower ). Actually took a little deliberation at the visitors lobby but I was quick to change outta scrubs (put on Irene's top;P) and car at NCC ie quick lunch escapade. Parking bloody rip off $6 for an hour plus. Oh well; luckily to find my own bungalow lot though we got a lil lost finding the entrance, and eventually the place itself (right round the corner past Starbucks). The moment we entered Fou the aroma just hit us and we were so hungry and everything on the menu on the blackboard sounded incredibly delicious.

Big Hug photo courtesy of daniel; chokeful of chicken shreds, salad and beans, this was very yummy and wholesome. Its like a giant wrap.
Pancake Lasagna; the idea of putting pancake sheets into lasagna instead of using the tried and tested idea of pasta is really ingenious. Its a savoury pancake and incredibly thin, the sauces just made this dish quite sensational. Loaded with chicken.
We ordered the Fou Pizza; this was a paper crack thin pizza; resembles a spin off from Skinny Pizza. Crust was quite non existent its like eating loads and loads of salad.

We were actually more at ease when the magical 11am hit...even had the mood to crossover to Secret Recipe for dessert but evenutally wanted to bring them to Flor but a wrong turn got us in the direction facing Marina Bay Sands - and with an extremely awkward left turn (almost st into a cab), we were on our way. Again boomz to the parking.

It feels strangely unreal being in MBS on a weekday;let alone roaming around the empty shops. What a luxury ;) We managed to find our way to the dessert shop I've always wanted to try. Sweet Spot (Marina Bay Sands, Hotel Lobby Level 1). On my way past Sweet Spot had a mental check about the Chinese restaurant nearby at the Lobby and ended up bringing gran there eventually.

Had my eyes on this Rum and Raisin Cheesecake as soon as I saw it; has a cute syringe sticking outta its ass with rum within; twas fun injecting it in, it feels like im squeezing the N/S or lignocaine container. This cake has a white chocolate shell and a light cheese interior; I guess most of the fun comes to suffusing the cake with rum yourself!
Mille feuille is like layers of pastry; like strudel minus the fruit, with loadsa icing. Messy to share, but its quite yumms.
Their signature chocolate cake...
Complex layers of chocolate ganache and cake. This was incredibly good! This was almost everyone's favourite new cake. D then took my car to buy M lunch while S and I had to prepare for Teo. This was so spontaneous miss my t3ers loads;)

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