Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Merry Men

from our lounge seats - epitome of chill
super cool shelves

First Saturday after changeover was great for catching up on sleep - missing brunches suggested by chongs/xh/zh but eventually met chongs for dinner that turned to supper (the meal officially ended at midnight). That was a great treat post mummy dragging me to buy sports shoes at queensway - couldnt find mine but was so glad could find hers, ie i could just buy at my leisure. Goes to show how long i havent ran - being forced to buy for my italy trip lol. by hook or by crook.

We met at Kino (where I traded my book 3 cos i bought two copies of les gouttes the same one!! and picked up my two new morbid mangas i pre-ordered). gonna create a shelf soon to store my growing collection of manga. Really wondering whether I should get a Kino card but I think not for the moment otherwise I'd really go crazy during those members only sales. Shopping for chongs work shoes was a lil unsuccessful so we ended up hurrying to The Merry Men (86 Robertson Quay), which was quite a mean walk from the usual Robertson Quay area I was used to. This place is even further up from Boomerang over a bridge. That row of shophouses housed Bacchus (which I wanna try soon) and Bar Bar Black Sheep. Never knew BBBS was so class! the one at bt timah that im so used to is overtly casual I guess.
When we got there the indoors was completely empty! The al fresco area was full though. We happily lounged in the sofa with the conjoint pillows and it was so cosy it felt like home. Esp since we were facing the tv (it was showing bpl, which had figuresticks to tiny to watch). Eventually in came a big group of young boys downing beer and totally engrossed in the ball, not distracted by passing girls. Also saw j he and jkok there. This totally feels a place that Chongs might open. And I'l be her official icecream supplier ;) Deviled Eggs - simply hard boiled eggs with treated yolks

Spaghetini Crabmeat Aglio Olio - Chongs and I loved this loads. Done al dente with great bight and flavour from the chilli flakes.
Cheese sticks - stuffed with mozarella.
Blue cheese burgers - I tend to love mini burgers now, esp since when the fries overwhelm the burgers.
Truffled shoestring fries - we tend to forget that normally burgers come with fries (tho the above ones didnt come with truffled fries which we wanted). and oh boy this was a HUGE ass portion!!!!!!! Was eventually lounging back on our couch watching soccer and munching on the fries (I was, mostly lol). Chongs has lousy fries stamina now, and I think I'm well trained by Kels.

We ate till the match ended at midnight - past somebody's bd at the outdoors, and we took a stroll round the river and beyond - actually it led all the way past two bridges (loadsa merry making, love making) past condos (which i wished i stayed in so i can crash post party) and hotels, towards zouk - we walked round the back of zouk past a very very very nice lambo, down the entire stretch past grand copthorne and river view. Saw the aspects of zouk/robertson quay that I never knew existed. Chongs was imagining walking her non existent dog (which she'd also dress in a costume for halloween!!!!) when we saw someone walking dogs and dropping them as she walked them (three of them with super short legs). The one super hilarious event we would imagine was if we were indeed costuming as police - and we blew the whistle and loudhailer would anyone bother (cos the hotel manager actually chided the officers for turning a blind eye on the punks)

We eventually decided to costume watch at Clarke Quay. Got rather fascinated with huai ren car and hei ren at the car park. Lotsa construction workers that night, zen man, swimwear lady, swimwear twins. Super bizarre human behaviour that night.

We got tired of squeezing with the crowds (it really felt like a club in clarke quay!!!!!- although we went to none altho we were tempted to go pump). So like laozabors, we just plonked at Haagan Daz (Clarke Quay) to enjoy this Royal Monte Carlo - supposed to be coffee and cappucino truffle ice cream with waffles, but the waiter let us choose our flavours - originally planned for dark chocolate orange and caramel biscuit , but they gave us an extra scoop in the end, cos they put in cappucino truffle instead. Still this was a great combi of ice cream (cos its three scoops, yeah). Its too enjoyable to sit and eat or drink, then to bounce our ass off on the dance floor or go around scaring people or taking pictures with interesting costumes. Lost that halloween spirit, sadly. Will soon be a parent dispensing the trick/treat lol...... Chongs and I loved how some parents brought their tiny tots out dressed in costume (tho one was in a pram, scary).

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