Monday, November 15, 2010

Spruce Taqueria

Tacos with Crabmeat
Quesidillas with mushrooms

Grilled snapper with rice bowl

Monday in the middle of the month is good cos the other con is away and with 8 pt and spending the whole morn predischarging = lunch out. Misst bf at k&t with chongs so hopefully made up with lunch out;) wanted to try platypus test kitchen (which I shall try another time) vs spruce but in the end with the car we decided to try Spruce Taqueria (320 Tanglin Road Phoenix Park).

Expected a shack, and indeed, it was. It's a shack in the midst of the greens, facing the phoenix park buildings, and facing the condo. Only thing spoiling the atmosphere, or rather, the scent was the grass-cutter lol. Other than that, it felt like a picnic by a shack. Quite a cool idea. And thank god for the cloudy weather! When we were walking past the main restaurant of Spruce we were actually tempted to dine here (esp after I spied on some diner's mini burgers that look good). Must revisit again soon. Casted glares at fellow diners who could also afford the luxury of talking about everything under the sky during a casual lunch (and not like us rushing back, for her to do post op r/v lol).
There were 3 types of mains to choose from : rice, tacos, quesidilas of which all the fillings/toppings you can then choose. For eg, you can choose beef tongue/short rib/grilled snapper/mushrooms. And a daily special; for today it was crab, and of cos, we chose the crab whose filling would be the thickest: that would be in the tacos!!
The most impressive looking one was of cos the crab tacos, and it turned out to be Chong's favourite. I think she just likes anything in shells. The tortilla wrap itself was a bit too thick and floury and after a while turned a lil soggy so not that great. She ended up eating her favourite crab filling with the crisp nachos.
Hence, I liked the quesidillas (stuffed with mushrooms) much much better as the ratio of cheese to sauce to meat to tortilla ratio was perfect and it was crisp, like a Mexican prata. Loved it! But what i REALLY loved was the salsa sauce with loads of chopped onions within. Mad love this was totally delicious!! It was spicy and tangy (a tad too spicy for chongs) but absolutely up my alley.
Btw, guacomole is 3 bucks here and so is sour cream another 2 bucks. Pay for all your condiments! A real no frills/pay for your own frills place. Other than that each tacos/quesidillas comes with a portion of that kick ass salsa which is good enough for me next time.
The rice bowl with grilled snapper was really lovely as well - salsa sauce and sour cream goes so damn well with the rice. The grilled snapper was salted but tender and delicious.
Btw, the drinks here are MIGHTY SOUR! Chongs had the lemonade and I had the watermelon-lime drink ; mine was less sour but for once, I didnt mind it cos it was so refreshing!! Tasted quite unique as well.
As we were sitting there feeding flies, mostly working folks (expats) dropped by with a friendly hello to tapao food back. Only another couple dined in (but to their disappointment, beef tongue ran out. We both had the same expression ;P
We ta paoed 2 cakes back from Spruce: a super duper dense brownie (damn gao chocolate with nice crusts) and a cocoa orange sour cream pound cake (which had orange peel and tasted remarkably like a fruit cake). It was meant for Chongs and JY but obviously I had big bites of it;)
Came back to a plug to resite x4 (lucky I got it the uncle was giving me last chance) and another hern to clerk but other than that it was an early day to meet zehan later. As I type this I'm still burping away from lunch dunno how I'm gonna roll over to dinner! But I love our Monday work lunches out dear chongs its sure a great way to jump start the week;)

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