Saturday, November 20, 2010

Strictly Pancakes

A reminder to Kels to please come half hour after our stipulated meeting time esp post work - today one of my pts had to have his op cancelled cos needed to be nkf-ed; in the end there was a massive delay. And spent most part of the early aftern watching a lap gastrect; mr C is super hilarious in the ot his exclamations in droppin the LN in some dark corner is really funny. Love the atmosphere in the ot till kt went off...and got replaced by a smallie. Gosh that smallie has big airs.
Anyways, confusion between dhoby and outram aside, we took a long stroll to Strictly Pancakes (44A Prinsep Street), past the very new and gorgeous School of the Arts. Great architecture there. We found ourselves in a very homely second floor, and shifted to our own corner, in a very comfy sofa seat and gentle lighting. Love the homeliness of this place, very much like the Merry Men.
We chose this savoury : Potatoes, Leek and Cheese Pancakes - came with mushrooms.
We also added a side of the very creamy scrambled eggs - you can add a side at $2.50 and there are loads of options to choose from: mushrooms, eggs, meat, etc. You can also choose your choice of butter: we chose garlic and herb (instead of the very interesting rum and raisin butter). I must say this was a chunky pancake! It wasnt as cheesy as Kels would have liked it, but its a lovely savoury choice. When you top the pancake with maple syrup (sweet and salty) and some garlic and herb butter it becomes quite amazing.

The peanut butter pancakes with nutella filling and kinderbueno, vanilla bean icecream was quite ingenous. We sliced the pancakes right in half to share, and it felt like we were eating a layered cake. Layers of peanut butter batter with nutella is really quite a loadful of normal sandwich filling, but we werent complaining. It was mighty comfort food, esp when loaded my icecream, anytime.

And what you must REALLY TRY, is the chocolate peanut butter milkshake! It is TOTALLY AMAZING! Its Reese's in a cup, I tell you, All pureed and juiced up. Its really really delicious. Much more interesting than the normal peanut butter milkshake at Once upon a Milkshake.

We strolled all the way to Tom's Palette (Level One, Shaw Towers) and Chronos was already closing shop (at 10pm) but he kindly asked Eunice who very kindly took out the tub of the Salted egg icecream. And guess what! They asked us to sample first though we asked them straight up to just give us a cup each! Thats how patient they were despite closing up already! (i guess we must have looked damn gian plus sweaty lol;P) OMG! This was another amazing thing we ate that day. Its a little hard to imagine what Salted egg icecream could taste like; its super innovative - bit of salted egg within the icecream - its a salty ice cream that Kels like. After a while I felt like I was eating moon cake as thats the only sweet thing salted egg could be in. Super yummy though.

We ended up walking thru City Hall to the new underpass all the way thru Esplanade! I was quite amazed at how Raffles City had changed (the Canale exploded, suddenly), past the newly renovated (or expanded?) basement where I finally got to see the menu of Gong Cha, thru the underpass pass the many many 7-11s (we were really thirsty) to Esplanade. We wanted to drink at Orgo but it was closed for a private event when I had this crazy idea to go to Butter - but in the end we settled at the Starbucks at Fullerton sipping on our Mango Passion Fruit, reading my spankin new Makansutra 2011 (thanksssssss!) and my Black Butler. I seem to be amusing everyone with my new phase of reading manga....very funny meh??? I'm only trying to improve my chinese. And much too lazy to plough through a wordy novel. I fall asleep within 3 pages of manga and thats already not many words and characters lol. And of cos our plans to club fell thru cos the queue was mad and so we walked back to Esplanade when the ATM ran out of cash (gosh) and I saw a bus (at 1215pm) so happily took it to nearer home to cab back. When I texted Kels I realised she really really didnt mind clubbin so I really not going on our virgin experience (nv ever ever been anywhere with her even in hk) but anyway, no misses, cos our night was just perfect. Miss our adventures in med sch muchos;)

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