Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jin Shan

The first weekend I managed to get off tks to C I took Gran to Marina Bay Sands. Actually wanted to take her to Royal China at Raffles but its far too late to reserve on the day itself - hence I made a reservation for next week (which I couldnt wake up to, and eventually postponed again). Hence, we just drove to MBS hoping to find some Chinese restaurant there. There is an Imperial Treasure there but I thought since I had tried it before with her we might as well explore more (and keepin in mind that I saw a Chinese restaurant on my way to Sweet Spot with the T3ers). I found out that the restaurant was Jin Shan (Level 1, Hotel Lobby, Marina Bay Sands).
MBS is mighty crowded during the weekends - esp the hotel lobby where its packed with tourists(and also, local tourists I suppose?). Luckily Jin Shan wasnt crowded and we could secure our seats - and soon after, was surrounded by hotel guests. Jin Shan has an open concept, but where we were sitting we werent facing any hotel crowds.

Drunken chicken was smooth and the wine aroma distinct.. I felt this was much meatier and tastier than the one at Paradise Dynasty.

Been always wantin to try the Poached Vegetable with assorted eggs of Eggs, Salted egg, Century egg. Its not as salty as I thought it would be (from the salted egg and century egg) and since I loved eggs this dish was quite delicious.
Fried white bait was actually my favourite - I eat lotsa white bait at home with eggs or porridge but those were really really tiny ones which tend to be really salty (the dried ones). Here, the fried batter is super light and the fish really crispy. This is REALLY good!!!
Custard balls - this has a cuttlefish layer around the custard filling and was also DAMN DELICIOUS!! The cuttlefish batter was quite chewy and with the crisp fried batter and the salty fluid custard this was Gran's favourite (and a close second, after the fried white bait).
Birds Nest Egg Tart
Walking around MBS during weekends means bumping into people in stilts or people having fun on these yo-yo stands - they really look soooo fun to swing around (but I'd definitely get dizzy). I love Sundays with gran sooooo much.

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