Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Qun Zhong Eating House

Noodles with mushroom sauce

Steamed Vegeterian Dumplings
Red Bean Pancake
Dumplings in Rose flavoured water (left) and Osmanthus (right)

It was the Thursday before Deepavali and chongs and i went out for dinner after an absolutely shag day. For a start it was early cos of M and M's then didnt round finish then poor c had to run about loads! Kels also switched her call (planned for an outing with her) but i managed to try obriens with her still and some catching up. The big eats and salmon cheese was good but a tad ex for sandwiches i could easily do plans with that babe to firm up soon (who's on leave! i must book one of her days).

By 8 plus most people disappeared but C and I were still around - wanted to jio Matt but he had dinner home so we arranged to meet next week. C and I then took a ride down Maxwell to try QunZhong Eating House (21 Neil Road). Chongs said the last time hl brough her here and she was quite blown away by the chinese food and the dumplings here (and even brought her family We were lucky to get a parking lot at the carpark outside (cos if not,we'd be at Maxwell!) and lucky for the fast moving queue. Had to share table though, very much like Hong Kong days. We eventually shared a round table with a very very quiet couple who did not mumble a single word to each other. Its really not the first couple I've seen who behaves like that- sad is the married mundane life.
I saw the menu - a really simple one only 16 items and a picture for them all - noodles, dumplings, tang yuan and pancakes. The Chinese Pizza was completely sold out.

The noodles with mushroom sauce (vegeterian) came in first- nothing too spectacular. The vegeterian dumplings were also quite different from the ones I eat at Crystal Jade - I guess I'm used to the sticky crystal skin ones there. Here, it is the normal dumpling skin texture and stuffed with minced vegetables and taupok - it went quite well with the chilli on the table.

But what was really good was the Red Bean Paste pancake - it like a really thin crusted fried nian gao with red bean paste within. Freshly fried and piping hot - the crust was crispy and yet not oily. Awesomeness.

The rose flavoured and osmanthus flavoured tangyuan (sweet dumplings) were also mighty awesome. Its like sweet dumplings in tea/floral flavoured water. And the dumplings were so soft and fillings yummy - I had many red beans, a peanut, and a walnut paste (with bits of walnut). Really really good (thought I still like the peanut soup at the Ghim Moh Market Ah Baling).

But by 10pm we were rushed out of the restaurant - closing time! we were shoved the bill and told x 2 to go. We dragged our tired selves out to the taxi/car for home. Such an experience that reminds me so much of hong kong. gonna miss C (my new hubs) when she goes off to Japan.

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