Saturday, January 22, 2011

Black, Rapunzel

Roast Beef Sandwich

Smoked Salmon and Cheese Bagel

Monday of the week and bumpin into Kels in 63 means another spontaenous outing! and I ended early at 6ish so swept Kelly from her m&m at 73 central (busy with her sippie) and hungry eyes at the nearby muruku...anyways we were debating between the 650pm cathy vs 720 cine and in the end went for the later one (so that we had space to breathe) the u turn into ps we then zoomed off into cine. parked there too it was a dreary wet day;P

We managed to secure good seats at rapunzel, and thereafter bought tickets to hpotter (was supposed to watch that day with sibs but at 3pm mei called up to say it was soldout cos i was too much of a scrooge the night before and spent the additional money on starbucks instead). we then continued shopping at level 3 and to our delight, that floor has converted to lotsa shops with clothes suitable for us! lotsa bags and comfy clothes and funky sunglasses (tho no spf........). but didnt shop for long cos had to get popcorn (massive queue) and get the 3d glasses (another massive queue....). Rapunzel was quite a delight, but I guess I appreciated the 2D colour visuals of Princess and the Frog too - it was so colourful and enchanting.

We wanted to go to porns but in the end lazy us decided to stroll over to Black (TripleOne Somerset)- wanted to try the cakes but cos it was too late, we had to settle for the sandwiches and not even the hot all day breakfast and eggs cos it was far too late (it was between the borderline period of 930-10pm when they were closing). We both loved the roast beef sandwiches cos the herbs made the bread and dressing super fragrant. The salmon and cheese bagel was much too bland for our liking. But the best was the chocolate peanut butter banana milkshake ! It was great if they had stopped at just chocolate peanut putter (then it'd taste exactly like the one at Strictly Pancakes - molten Reese's) but then the banana essence added a new dimension to the nutella drink and despite not liking banana i found it a joy to drink. Kinda reminded me of the 24 hour breakfast place in HK which was near the clubbing district. Right Kels?

Gave kels a lift home - and then gettin all worried cos i left my portfolio in the wards! but luckily got xingxing to help me take....Looked forward to the week cos despite getting thurs call it was with kels too (whom I had supper with, and with anne) and chongs( whom i didnt manage to see the whole night and called when i was zz!).

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