Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Little Spanish Place

J and I intended to meet the previous week but he thought we were just Sogurting for supper (plus I was pre call) so in the end we met on a Wednesday. Called me when I was exiting but we managed to meet for dinner - esp since I had the car, previous week really boh kar. Kinda useless without wheels. (love lsy's Wheels of Life that he presented in his surg for elderly presentation). Drove to his place, and from there we walked over to try My Little Spanish Place (619 Bukit Timah Road) . Was supposed to try this place with Carol too but we ended up at Relish cos this place closes on Mondays!!

This is the best ever Tortilla I've ever tried - its an uber chunky omelette, and sublime with the garlic mayo dip. Extremely savoury and delicious.

James says the seafood paella here matches up to that in Spain - chokeful of ingredients like prawn and squid and chunks of fish, and extremely fragrant with the saffron.

Convos was revolving round his new found goals in life (lol) and mine mundane (not much has progressed since we last met). This time last year was submerged in panic and his calm self was so damn reassuring. The xmas decor has come up in town and for the first time since start of med sch I'm not in panic in books anymore ;)

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