Saturday, January 29, 2011

Robert Timms

Eggs Benedict with Turkey Ham
Pumpkin Soup
Criss Cut Fries with Beef Bolognaise and Cheese
7 layer bar

It was the Xmas weekend when the pt load was really low, and with sub-10 it was so possible to get home early. Only 2 d/c and 2 drains to off and then met short (who waited 2 hrs!) . Sigh not a fault of mine when an iso had a hb and plt drop and had to arrange stuff. We took a cab down to Borders. i was between Pample Mousse and the new aussie bistro at Borders - but pamplemousse didnt have brunch on xmas sat so we went to brunch at Robert Timms (Level 1, Wheelock Place) instead. It has replaced the now defunct Borders Bistro. It was a lovely place where I have many a meal with the mountains. Its gone!
The menu was quite extensive - has all day breakfasts, sandwiches and wraps, salads and soups, and pastas. Very ladies kinda thing - but all day breakfasts is so following the trend though I dont really mind more places offering it ! Love my eggs so.

We ordered a Eggs Benedict- it comes with Turkey ham and looks so deceivingly huge and chunky on the pict but really, its quite tiny! And comes with a toast instead of a muffin at the bottom. But nonetheless, very tasty... Put together with the turkey ham its really sublime.

We also had the pumpkin soup - we both uttered the exact same thing looking at the menu, and thought bubbles were just read almost instantaenously ;) Love the pumpkin soup here too, and urge you all to try the pumpkin soup at the Handburger too - extremely good. Love anything with pumpkin. Just read about the Pumpkin Pocky. engineers in Japan are just amazing. Pockey/Pretzel anything edible.
We also had the beef bolognaise cheese fries. actually had bad diarrhoea this morning from the beef chilli cheese the day before at Brewerkz but the criss cut fries looked so incredible in the picture I couldnt help ordering it. It tastes as good as it looks and sounds!! Very crisp fries and I esp loved the soggy bits still - when its drenched in bolognaise and cheese. And no I didnt get diarrhoea.

We then walked over to 4Fingers Bonchon (B4 Ion Orchard) - I'm like spreading the love of Bonchon, the very Saturday before, I took Xiaohui to have wings here. Short loves the spicy wings here - not like XH/XL. We ordered a 6 piece meal - actually, just wanted the a la carte but then....Free upsize till the end of the month of the festive period! Again the crisp fries here with the seaweed and spicy seasoning is so delicious!!

Walked Nat to Hyatt for her sermon whilst got caught at Far East plaza drenched out in the rain. Too bad for this yr's wet xmas no parade ;P

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