Saturday, January 1, 2011


Crab Porridge
Stir Fried Vegetables
Cold Tofu
Fried Soft Shell Crab
Scoop cake
Chiffon Cheesecake
Milk Tea Pudding
Its a Friday when C was post call and V was on MC, plus boss too, so we thought we had a bigger budget for lunch but turns out that big boss was also bringing his wife, scot fren and the other side was joinin us so it became a massive lunch at Tampopo (Level 1, Liang Court). Met the scottie on my way to Italy week later ! world's small indeed.
And it was a day I saw daylight when I drove to work. Started with a difficult bld (on 3rd try of abg) and sleepily vitalised and stoned while waiting for the MandMers to return - when round ended, S bought choc muffins for us all (last day)- and with brekkie meant we (or I rather, cos C went to round with O soonafter) only had 45 min to d/c 5 pts to make it to Tampopo by noon. Actually by the time O finished of cos we reached Tampopo at 1230pm with the other side all ready to eat.

BigBoss (and I, disappointingly) was surprised that the Beef Ramen promotion at Tampopo was over. I scoured the menu and decided since I tried the Beef Curry Rice before (its mighty awesome) I went for the Crab porridge. It was incredibly loaded with crabmeat and egg. Love the stock and wished there was a greater proportion of soup to rice. Boss ordered lotsa sides of Chicken Kakiage, Soft Shell Crab, Stir Fried Vegetables, Cold Tofu, Agadeshi Tofu. Of which my favourite was the cold tofu! Its like a tofu custard - with a similar consistency to the Steamed milk at Ah Chew's.

But my favourite part of the meal has gotta be dessert - we ordered the Scoop cake, Chiffon Cheese Cake, Milk Tea Pudding - of which I thought the milk tea custard was the most unique.

BigBoss ordered sake for the laowais to share, and for his wife (who treated to awesome sashimi). Love people who enjoy food.

And happy day when parking was free (plus free wrappers.....), C went back with S, and I went back with Jon, Fly, Jan. To a Friday with my weekend off. TGIF ;)

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Singaporefoodlover said...

i love their milk tea pudding:)