Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Soup Broth Asia

Hainanese Fish Maw Soup
Ginseng Chicken Soup
Appetisers - Fried Fish, Mango Salad, Cold Tofu, Eggplant Belachan (clockwise from top left)
Carol's Mango Sago
My Durian in Vanilla ice

Monday was supposed to meet S but i had to meet Carol pre-school; so left behind car and was half an hour early for our 730pm date at cityhall - considered brotzeit, Tokyo Deli, and we act sat down in the latter before we decided the portion was just too small and selection too small, and almost decided on the sharing platters in brotzeit but in the end wandered to basement of Raffles City cos I also wanted to try Soup Broth Asia (Basement 1, Raffles City). You can choose a soup, add an appetiser and either 1) meat or veg 2) meat and veg/veg and veg. We chose option 1 and shared everything (but the soup and rice, of cos). Carol had the Ginseng Chicken, and I had the Hainanese Fish Maw Soup.

And guess who we saw!! nevertrustascrawnyfoodie and jane!! finally gotta meet the jane oft so mentioned. We sat side by side and with Mich always peering over at our food. We had sides of Eggplant with sambal (very very VERY spicy), Mango salad (mango not unripe and tart enough), Fried fish slices (left out too long) , and cold tofu.

My fish Maw soup was so-so, fish slices was much in abundance, relative to the fish maw. Carol's Ginseng was hardly tasted in her chicken soup.

Eventually C and I went to draw money, and eventually joined M and J at Sun Kee Desserts - C had the Mango dessert while I had the durian pudding with vanilla sauce - loved mine. The durina pudding was essentially the durian pulp surrounded in a moat of vanilla sauce. Sweet to the max but I like.

Love the Chagggh tales and I was in fits, but im gonna suffer these fits soonish. UGH!!

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