Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smith's Fish and Chips

Sat (last weekend!) was good - it was 6pts (including the handback!) so it was quick in and out, so that lsy could round the other side as well - post take for ach. Tho lotsa changes (lotsa drains out, homes) but was zippin home quick. Slept loads- such a wet day, and family was set on steak but uluru seemed to be closed so we zoomed in on Smith's Fish and Chips (230 Tanjong Katong Road) since the day before, we were so gian on the new bridge fish and chips, which is now defunct, sadly. whats more, we went all the way there!

Mommy actually called ahead, and tho they norm do not accept bookings, they apparently gonna save a seat for her, but i think its by chance there was a small table of 4 by the corner (we had a party of 5). And it was near the we shifted to bar seats and ordered before finally finding a bigger table. The number 14 eventually = 5 paper wrapped fish and chips...

You'll like this if you like oil logged fish and chips - the thick chunky kind. Burnish though!!esp the fries We misst the Harry Ramsden's/Marina South/British ones loads.....this was just not to par...We'll try the Greenwood takeaway again soon.

We also had the mushy peas (which M really raved about) which comes in a styrofoam cup, and is pretty good and healthy tasting. Lotsa fibre within the cup too.

Wanted to walk at East Coast but we gave up cos it was raining..came home to some mj and I won the first game of the year!! Eventually luck diminished (after A handed me the coke....) and i was net positive $1.20 (at least) which rightfully not mine cos i zah hu. haha.


kevin blumer said...

fish and chips the oldest in the book but one of my favorite mind mussy peas as well who could do without the mussy peas too

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