Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kho Kho Nara

Appetiser of Pickles
Chicken Platter - Original, Garlic, Sweet
Kimchi soup - with Tuna

3rd jan the monday before changeover was a massive list - post take, plus the mixup with pat/sda - and poons helping me to pacify the smac/we right in the morning. Round w everyone was gladly minusing the presenting, and changes loadsa PFO/scans prelunch, then almost with kbh and her before heading to sda for the 3 pts and trying to preclerk the preop(4!) upstairs, before finishing up a paper round with reggh before exit w lsy before pre op w pc before another handover to mo jo and another one to sj. Horrid day, esp since had to make kels wait an hour, while i quickly convert a single to bilat hern. TERRIBLE!!! cant breathe thinking about all that, but its over !!! ;) stop ordering so much before exit ... but don't care anymore !!

We headed to Kho Kho Nara (Tras Street) long lauded for the fried chicken. We kinda stumbled onto Maxwell chambers but went two rounds before we gave up and parked at the chambers,and crossed two streets to Tras Street. Quite a sleazy pubbish area... anw, found Whole Earth at Peck Seah Street ! Will prob try this another time.. when im back at shaggh ;)

Quite a dark lane (s) to the Kho Kho though...

Mostly decked with individual cubicles of comfy sofa seats, we were happy to house our tired selves in smaller cubicle. Food was much more ex for dinner than lunch (for the same stuff!!) so come for lunch. We settled for the small chicken combo (3 of each - Original, Garlic, Sweet). I liked the original and garlic - lightly coated and the garlic was especially delicious. Not oily - reminds me of Bonchon. Kels was a fan of the sweet - was garnished with sesame as well. Its the type that she likes- lotsa sauce, salty, chunky, whats not to like!

I esp enjoyed the Kimchi soup - we had ours with Tuna, and eventually added noodles ($4! for a packet of korean instant noodles!!). Very spicy hitting the right spot, and very different from the ones I had at other Korean places and sigh, kopitiam (which I have very often). Lotsa Kimchi and chunks of tuna galore, when the noodles softened and soaked up the soup it was extremely delicious. I wanted to try the rice cakes with noodles but its gasp...30 bucks!! for rice cakes !!

I love hearing Kels neuro tales and gossip from IM, handed my traditional slips of tips, hope my naggin will be useful to prevent the eventual scolding ;) defos, enjoy the ride! sigh found out how nice shagggh was in comparison to my current state. Do enjoy babe.

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