Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Saybons, Harry Potter

Makin bro's Beef, Mushroom, Cheese (Left) and mine Salmon/egg/cheese (Right) - that is, before adding in the salmon!
Cos of the mishap at 645am, we ended up heading to cathy all packed up nice and snug in the rain towards ps where thankfully it stopped raining, and we misst the mad car jam right into PS. Before that was chiaming, and nagged about steroids, whilst loads of ladies filtered in to get their beauty fixes. As a result of the wait was mighty late cos we still wanted to queue for Saybons (B2 Plaza Singapura) (long queue!) (sit in area!) (escargots!) - but left happy with 3 crepes, after a long wait. Sis ordered Peach Medley (which she totally regretted she's too used to her sweet crepes), Bro ordered Beef Cheese and Mushroom and I, Salmon Egg and Cheese which Bro and I LOVEEEED! We rushed over to Cathy thereafter to catch Potter. Totally dark and intense - this is prob the first Potter show I caught that I didn't sleep lol. I realised Mei has an immense dislike for salty popcorn whilst Bro and I love it!

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