Saturday, February 5, 2011


Tues was dsot, and with a handful of pts on the list, j being post call and i zoomed thru much of the work and off i went to dsot for the elbow and butt, while j rounded up and eventually helped m. We all gathered at cso after for team lunch (really happiness, these days - breakfasts and lunches all w em) soon after a sumptious fried meegoreng bf just hours before that.
We split into two cars- plan to use mine was junked and we went in R's messy (but much roomier) car and we met at Putien (B1, Tampines Mall), albeit amidst horrendously full car park and the lousy barrier that took ages. We decided to order from the Prosperity Menu for 8 (there were 9 of us)
Prosperity Yu Sheng
Usually I have this with Parang fish so its my first with salmon - salmon tastes too good to be with the equally tasty yusheng. Chanting those cheng yu was a challenge!

Three Varieties Thick Soup(Sea Cucumber, Bamboo Pith, Crab Meat)

Comfort food.

"Hua Diao" Fresh Prawns
As fresh as can be! Never eat much prawns outside either cos Gran cooks too much prawns at home.
Deep Fried Squirrel Fish with Gravy
Very much like sweet and sour fish.

Homemade Beancurd
As Boss' wishes who felt like having this.

Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic

This is prob my favourite - it was dusted in cereal/garlic and gave it a really nice fragrance.
The other dishes not feature here were the Braised Bamboo Shoot with Assorted Mushrooms (very good!!crunchy and lathered with the yummiest gravy), Longetivity Noodles (basically, fried mee sua in the lightest way possible) and a Peanut Soup for dessert with tiny mochi to boot.
Again my roots and why this line again, and the mispronounciation of many a name got the table in fits. Thanks Mr F and Mr S for the treat, and farewell Mr F! I was in the right theater even when I was in the student, no less, by the way!

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