Thursday, February 3, 2011

eM, Pluck, 4Fingers BonChon

Eggs Royale - eM by the River
Rosti - eM by the River
Mudpie - Pluck
Rum and raisin and Lychee Martini, Earl Grey and Fig and Sea Salt caramel - Pluck Haji Lane Sunday Bazaar

Sunday being post post call, being damn zombified after a horrifying fri call with zilch sleep and 14 admissions, handb a trauma and another vascular. that call slept in the morning and did changes till 4pm. and still left out a d/c (thanks shah). Sunday was in at 630 to greet a late sz and then changes helped by my date (thanks loads) with the preop/gxm/off cvp thanks thanks!!;) and of cos for paying for my wings;) both cloth and flesh. haha.

After work date and i zoomed off to eM by the river (Level 1, Gallery Hotel). Parking was okay cos we found a parallel lot (and i didnt get fined). Much of eM was alfresco with a smaller indoor area. Of cos we sat indoors and resorted to sitting at the bar. Only after our brunch (lunch actually cos i took 2 hours after date's 1030am 8 pts and coming at 8am), did we shift to a more comfy high-ish sofa seat.

The eggs ben and royale looked damn good so we ordered one each. It was DAMN GOOD INDEED! tasted as good as it looked. Big poached eggs, buttery hollandaise sauce, buttery toast, salmon....the best things in life (are not free).

I was between the quesidilas and the rosti (actually, on second thought, should have ordered both).. and went for the rosti (classic) in the end. it came with a sunny side up. It tasted like a shredded potato pancake - very thin, crisp at the edges, and fantastic with the extra sour cream we asked for on the side (which the small boy we bullied scurried to get lol). Service was a bit meh, when he had to refer to someone to take our order and we joked about the photos. haha.

Of cos, everytime we meet, its all about readin Female, more Female, the food section at Her World, and lastly Shape (hahahaha). and the Sunday times gave me ideas to go to Pluck for our dessert.

So with the help of her handy Tom Tom (aussie days, sigh), we headed thru Hill St. horrid parking. horrid 2 rounds. past the same yellow ferrari which has the right to atracious parking and still subject to photography ;P lucky we found one by the perpendicular road. Headed to Pluck (31/32 Haji Lane) to be greeted by a bazaar - felt like australia's markets, date said. its summer there now, and yes it feels as good as aussie. Nicely crowded with hippies and youngies, browsed thru the shops which were air-conditioned and got sponsored wings. thanks date ;)

Found a nice window seat beside beside a window with a bustling scene outside, we settled for Earl Grey and Fig and Sea Salt caramel, and Rum and raisin and Lychee Martini. The first 3 were awesome possum! Lychee's better over at Seventh heaven.Much muchos. Loved the whole vintage workup of Pluck.

Post prandial found a nice gold leafy ring, and after that, headed to town after to the Mango sale and we were aghast at the crowds. eveyrwhere. including the paragon carpark, which is quite affordable on a sunday night per entry. Found a lot quick and headed to Mango where the queue was not mad. And where I tried 3 pants (a brown satin one) of which the fit was not great/shiny/tight/longish. Need lotsa trousers in a man-some job.
Headed to Ion to get icecream - passed by Happy Lemon (Basement 4, Ion Orchard) to buy a Green tea and sea salt and Cheese drink which tasted exactly like the Heaven and Earth green tea overprized. To jill's recommendation man haha. But 4fingers Bonchon (Basement 4, Ion Orchard) never disappoints- but they ran out of fries!!! and burger!!!! and so date only got to try the wings, which the soy garlic was the favourite- i prefer the spicy. Fingers did not need cleaning at all - its exactly 4 fingers used, and no sauce sticking to fingers. peeeeerfect.
Found Cocoa trees at the basement too and blew 45 bucks - 2 HUGE herseys, 1 HUGE Ritters, another LOOONNG pastilles. and sponsered the country kiddies bueno for date ;)

Headed to Kino after that to get Jump which i found I didnt like, so browsed more manga but didnt get any. Shall get during sale. Wanted to go Cova but decided home's icecream was better. Home to concuss to another revolves around call now, med is indeed, a calling.

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