Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cedele dinner

It was a Monday, when J was on passive call and cos of the fantastic short list and mon being in lieu of post take sat, Mr S gave me an early day off after the round up and the excuse for not being in tum board. Called mommy who said she'll join me later in evening so i headed home for a nap before hitting town with her. Needed to pick up a present from agnes b, my gbunchen flip flops, and drop my follie's at the mandarin gallery shop to repair. Lotsa excuses to be in town!! Tho Short was not temped at my invites for cake cos her call was just too shack. To be let off at post call timing when you're not on call is prob the best feeling in the world and I've got J and Mr S to thank for that!
We headed to Paragon first to dump the car, then to Mandarin Gallery, when we revised our xmas memory that m liked a drum bag at one of the shops-which is not available anymore!! And so we had to head to the other end of Orchard to its other branch at Borders - where we found the navy blue (gorgeous python skin) and the tanned skin. To my surprise, she liked the former. And then we headed to Ion but then back again to initially try for dinner at Sun with Moon but as always it was crowded so we headed to Cedele (Level 3, Wheelock Place) for dinner.

Mommy had the grilled beef and mushrooms. She was a big fan of her choice. 6 slices of medium done beef with lotsa greens.

I had the big breakfast - overeasy eggs with sauteed mushrooms and toast. Finally I got to try Overeasy Eggs. It simply means, eggs cooked on both sides. Simple, but couple that with crisp toast and buttered mushrooms - it was comfort food on a rainy day!
Having that corner seat with Mom and peering out of the window onto the streets (and that sore thumb of an aparment building) is really a moment to cherish!! And even better, when we discovered the bread bar - we initially ordered an extra beef stew - but our mains came before it (it just didnt appear at all) so we cancelled it. Then, we realise the bread bar was for the soup, and if we had no soup (though technically, its through no fault of ours), we had to top up one buck for the bread. Mom and I didnt mind at all cos 1. we ate lotsa bread 2. the bread was so damn good 3. we def ate more than a buck's worth. Nutty and seedy bread is really really yummy with soft melted butter!!
Headed back to Taka to pick up my slippers then to Kino to pick up a stick book (very tempted to start reading bunny suicides- its just so morbid) and some pen refills. Buying pens (and getting to use new ones, not those free drug company ones which i used in med +++) is once again, quite therapeutic. So is icecream loading, which mom picked up on our way home.

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