Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paradise Inn

Last day of T2 when A left to t1 and I was alone with a good list. Except for the fact that A.L was not willing to leave the bunk at all, and the sn couldnt conc after that! But we settled for social os, and then headed out to East point for lunch. We initially wanted to eat at Eighteen Chefs (too full) , Eatzi (nowhere to be found) so we settled for Paradise Inn (East Point) for lunch.
Hotplate Tofu.

Triple egg with vegetables - xj's favourite.

Prawn balls with salted egg - my favourite, but A doesnt eat these!!
Codfish - small slice, but smooth and really tasty. I prob can finish this all on my own.
Fried chicken - this had a ginger taste to it, and i guess the sauce must have had a tinge of it (I didnt look at what they ordered).
Egg custard for me while most of the rest had mango sago and A had his tangyuan.

We headed back for W to whip into shape the student, and we exited very soon after. If only everyday could be like this, work would be so much to look forward to! (not like there's not enough food in the dept though....)

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