Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Carls Junior

Jalepeno burger (thick cut)
Chocolate fudge cake

It was a pre take Monday, and the list looking nice and short, and supposed to lunch with short, zj, jeff, along with af and me with zj driving cos he was the latest but! at noon was called to round up so af and i had to go upstairs to cso (though we promised to return stat but we didnt manage to!!!) to round up and that was when we realise m'm wanted to bring us out for lunch! So off we were in W's and my car to Tampines One to Carl's Junior (Tampines One) to have team lunch, with J leading the way in my car (totally don't know how to orientate to Tampines at all)

We had 6 combos (cos Mm and J shared one) so there were 6pkts of small fries and of cos I was the happiest cos I had about 2/3 of that!! I had a jalepeno burger (thick cut) which was mighty juicy and delicious, and the delicious crisp natural cut fries. Lotsa sch memories came out and realising W's previous bmi status was truly shocking the guts outta everyone. Enjoyed hearing W's exam stories in his faraway land too.. Really treasured this one and only team outing we had!! If only we had time to shop post lunch....

Got the choc fudge cake for ZJ (sorry Z and N for the polar!!) - but in the end short still gotta go out! My two months is just about more than halfway and we've yet to organise a mass batch outing yet... better arrange it soon before its shagghh vascular.

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