Saturday, February 26, 2011

Porn's, Honeymoon Dessert

After that very full team meal at Putien, I was due to meet S around Cityhall area. Picked up Fb effect from nat lib, and then headed to meet him at the taxi stand of Raffles City. We initially wanted to try Artichoke (after the fantastic review by M, about the lamb ribs) but unfortunately, it didnt happen cos the place was full and there was a thirty min waiting time!! And having walked all the way there (he parked at Odeon Towers) I was a little indignant, but anyway we headed back to Shaw Towers, then decided on Liang Seah Street. Then, I was in between a Korean BBQ place and Porn's (28 Liang Seah Street) and eventually, the hot smokey korean place drove (mainly S) us to Porn's. Its much cleaner, air smells better, super white and new. Decor is kept simple and modern.

Mango Salad

Loved the fried fish layers atop, and the fact that we can add our own condiments to the dish (provided on the table). We added lotsa peanuts to it, but still the sweet sauce soaked the crunchiness up.

Drunken mama noodles

We asked what this was, and when the waitress told us it was maggi noodles I immediately said no, until she appeased me by saying it was a thicker version of it - not very much thicker, in actual fact. She was trying to sell it by saying it was much spicier and had more kick than the very delicious looking phad thai in egg pictured in the menu. Obviously S fell for it, while I was hoping it'd taste very much like the Thai Express extremely spicy drunken noodles (which I'd hope to get Kels to eventually try one day).

When it came it was indeed very tasty but not as spicy as we hoped it might be. I mean, how bad can oily spicy maggi mee be?
Tom Yum Soup

Oh this was potent clear soup that had a residual kick to it after the initial storm. Love love it, though i could do with a greater volume of straw mushrooms like the one in First Thai.
Much convos revolved around him trying to revolutionise secondary prevention and trying to fill in the gaps that people like me following daily orders don't have the luxury to forsee. The creativity and buzz of ideas is quite infectious, though I'm obviously still very immune to it.. What I'm working with is a mix of bad lifestyle plus whacked genes, but obviously at the tertiary stage much complications have resulted from that potent combination. When you pay for is proprotional to how sick you are, and not inversely proportional to how well you are, you take for granted your well being and the secondary prevention. Money talks, and preventing that money roll is not gonna get any talk.
We headed to Honeymoon Dessert (Level One, Bugis Junction) just opposite. He was really gian to drink coffee - but obviously I was game for dessert anytime (and we walked past ah chew's and jidechi -_-) so i finally persuaded him to try Honeymoon Dessert. Last had this in HK and Kels and I have been dying to try the Vivocity branch (which we havent).
We started with the Durian dumpling - which is laden with cream!! Do you remember it being so creamy, Kels? And do you remember more pieces, than one?? I really got a shock when I saw just one medium sized one, and got a bigger shock when I digged into the innards of fresh cream! Its so different from the one I had in HK!!
I had the Snow white sago, which is laden with fruits on a bed of sago and vanilla cream. Very fruity, sweet and refreshing. Just that your tastebuds'll get confused with the fruits - there's banana, mango, longan, atap chee. All that fruit's gonna seep into the vanilla cream, which makes it a real fruity combination.
I thoroughly recommended this dessert to S, who had the Durian and Black Gluitinous rice, in vanilla cream. This dessert is extremely creamy and rich - scoop a bit of durian, and a bit of the gritty rice, then dip into the vanilla, and its an amazing combination!
On the way back to Loof, S got reminded of perhaps it was too little too late, but what was comforting was that it was a departure in joy. You living it up for him now, and thats what matters most. It's the first dinner, and the first that I wont be at h during the annual visit! See you soon, before next year's cny beckons. Artichoke, when we do get a booking.

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