Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ma Maison

Baked Potatoes
Fried Cheese Fritters

Seafood Gratin
Seafood Paella
Cuttlefish ink spaghetti

First day back at work and I feel disorientated all over again and so not into the rhythm of the wards. Guess I got assimilated fast though it was still not fantastically optimal. The day ran by fast and was trying to reach Clare the entire time cos I saw the fb thread and nearly got rejected by Jo too at 6pm till I managed to reach clare's house/mom and finally her and manage to organise us together ;)

Met Clare at Bugis - left shaggh at 730pm impossible to reach bugis by 8 pm with jam and parking.and thank goodness so cos the car had no cashcard. took it out for the trip. and got chided by soo while walking him out, cos i decided to take the train in the end though i was quite enthralled by the tale of the free Last Supper saga he went thru in Italy. so took the friendly fast train and met clare at the station control - then jo at the stationary shop with her happy eye messager, that looked darn rude to jillian (she was xmas shopping). I was just gonna get pen refills at ANBC. We decided to have dinner at Ma Maison (Level 2, Bugis Junction), though I was planning on Casa Latina. It was drizzly though so lazy to walk.

Ma Maison is a really homely environment and its so fusion - japanese with western; italian/spanish with its pasta and paella. The appetisers sounded so good - the fried cheese and baked potatoes were such comfort food.

Lotsa carbos in line - paella that tasted much like chinese fried rice; cuttlefish black ink pasta that tasted saltishly satisfying; and a gratin that turned out to be macaroni based(always thought it was potato based must have been corrupted by delifrance). Loved each one of them cos it was so comforting, especially great on a rainy day.

Got a date with the girls to go party post dinner soon. Talking about the married lives of frens make us feel too free; and the luxury to plan your own dates is much to be relished ;)

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