Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brewerkz, Overeasy

Killer Beef Chilli Cheese
Mac and Cheese
Cheesesteak sliders Overeasy
Oreo Milkshake topped up with the minis Overeasy
It was Xmas eve and there was some small confusion as to whether it was half day but it was ! G came up to exit at around 1pm so it was happiness when it was true....came home and found grans and mei getting outta home and i fetched them to coro to get their logcake (which they didnt get in the end) and met mel and her mom there (hope she gets well soon). When i came here mom wanted to go and get the uDivine today so it meant going to town but it was Dad chinatown vs Mom town, so in the end it was a compromise to go to PS but still, it was a horrid jam to park. We had to go all the way up to level 4 but it was nearby the osim branch at level 3. 3 of us loved it (and the free gift, though we wished it was the mp3 player)...and mom said PS was better cos there were 3 chairs (and ion had 4 actually so actually, i win) vs chinatown only had one so mom wins haha. and the hunt for the logcake was again futile, at breadtalk/andersons/carrefour. Later the family went to dine at Sakuraya but I went home to sleep, cos meeting chongs for dinner/supper etc. Napped till a very late 830 pm when she called me to hear news about our intention to meet at 9pm which i pushed to 930 which she pushed to 10 cos she left her phone charged and left behind!!Parking at the upper decks of the zirca carpark, i walked all the way thru Brewerkz to Wine Garage to find to my astonishment, it has now closed!! So it was an aimless stroll thru Central before she met me at Bysi and we browsed thru the very club-like crowds in Clarke Quay and got into Pump room (which Chong had a bad feeling about and first instincts are always right), before deciding against Octapas to head again back to Brewerkz (Riverside Point) for some good American grub.

Chongs decided on the very creamy Mac and Cheese (funny, when she was thinking of meat all this while) whilst I decided on the beef chilli cheese bowl. actually wanted the fries but its either a separate type of chilli fries vs just the bowl with the corn chips so we went for the latter. The beef chilli cheese was a killer. No more for Chong after a few mouthful, and my stomach was in flames after getting through most parts of it. Full of minced beef, beans and chilli-curry sauce, it was lots to stomach. Could feel my stomach churning when I was tottering out of Brewerkz.
Headed to Pump but the coutdown was kinda cheesy and the crowd was a blah (truly growing out of this partying business), so we had a negotiation with a pair. Headed to Zouk where there was only house, so we got out , to the very ex parking ($12!!!!!!) at Butter, but we settled at Overeasy (One Fullerton), having a second supper - she had super cravings for burgers so we had the Cheesesteak Sliders, and I still had my cravings for fries(cos didnt have them at Brewerkz) so I ordered the haystack fries - and I'm so glad to find that the crisp ones I loved are back!!!!It had been soggy and tasted so refried the past few times I was here so I was mighty happy to have the standards back again. The burgers tasted great too with the tiny tender meat and the wonderfully toasty buttery buns - prob with a hint of garlic butter, tasting so good. No alcohol again - happy with the oreo milkshake, totally geting drunk in calories. The music was great in Overeasy - I think we had more fun clubbin in our seats at Overeasy/listening to Armin in my car than standing amidst the crowds. Happy xmas to us and may the new year bring more sane outings like tonight's ;) Being back at 3am and being back at work at 7am is no mean joke.
Still gotta love Yazz in her christmas outfit at the Pump room. Gonna be my hangout come 2011.

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