Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ah Chiang Fish Porridge, The King's Speech

Monday into the the 3rd week (Mar has 31 long days) is easing in, and after an early solo 645 rounds and occupying the dark corner in the dark radio round, and a bf that gave us both a colicky L abdo pain thereafter, we survived the temptation of a show (where the rumour spread like wildfire, pretty much like our level 9 escapades) - damn those transfs and pending t/fs, to have lunch out at Tiong Bahru, out on a rainy day, where the rain stopped just for us to cross over to Ah Chiang's Porridge (Seng Poh Road), to ease the very rumbly toast loaded stomachs of ours. Kels was giving me incredulous looks of -are you sure you know where you're going-kinda look cos unlike her i just don't have an inbuilt gps haha, or a googlemap rather. But still my distant memory of bf here after a night of mahjong was rather foolproof (im really a night creature thru and thru) and I brought us successfully here. Happiness when I remembered the very signboard of the menu.

Plate of raw fish fresh and clean tasting. Not fishy at all, though we prefer the very decorated garnished ones at Zhen Zhen Porridge. Like I said....volume matters to us.

Fish head porridge for me and century egg fish porridge with egg for her (I had soft boiled eggs in the am). Cos the porridge here is cooked on a charcoal stove, it has this wholesome flavour about it. Its got the right consistency - not too goey neither too watery, and is the perfect comfort food for the perfect weather. Cloudy and perfect for eating in a coffee shop.

Fried fish skin (oh, twas lovely in the Da Fei Yang in HK in the lamb steamboat...sigh) and youtiao that could do with being crispier. We just cant miss out on fried food in every meal...either fried..or toasted..or sweet for me ;)

Bumped in the vasc hos and c again on the bus back. The key to taking the TBM bus is to take it when its raining and no one bothers to go out (unless they're desperate to eat out Changes were light much thanks to K's good take and hence an early exit during our soy break meant gulping our drinks while gasping at Wans's agony (poor babe) and rushing off. 2 angios got cancelled (list vs dates) so off we were to attend to plug and fast af (it always must happen at exit) before we took a leisurely drive out (left exactly at 6, when its still bright and the shuttle is still full) to Cineleisure. Was trying to take a gamble at the single line but chicken us still decided in safety in numbers and to victimised people by being the first (the van doesnt count). Amidst the Mar Hol kiddos we managed to get the tickets and our Mc Wings and Honey Chipotle Fries before loading on more tissue for the King's Speech. Cold old school brit humour it was much enjoyable though I'd pretty much watch a more dramatic action loaded piece in the cinema. Rango, Black swan, winter's bone (if its even showing), never let me go (to watch with Mei) beckons. And Di goes in tomorrow. Surprise at home indeed, mummy says.

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