Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Earl Grey Choc
Trauma workshop on a sat means no weekend for a second in a row; but to make up for it it was a fun bunch - with ms p chairing the first and eventually mr j the second (where the orthopod cath and set the chest t)and mr g the last (from which i escaped!). With the generous hy starting my morn w kaya toast (and alas, i think even the Wang standard is better than k&t now haha) and brunch being awesome even with the simple smokey beehon (i was hungry pangs) and bottomless sea coconut, it was such a light hearted affair compared to the very stressful lonesome atls, esp with the test right at the end.

Gave Short a lift to her gran, and armed with our mr bean stuff we got thru the gantry to visit her..hope the grand old dame gets well soon ;) having dragged her all the way to the mph bookshop to check out the magazine where the Pigeon Hole was, I dragged her further all the way to Duxton to check it out. On our way to getting lost, we discovered a lovely independent bookshop called Littered with Books (Duxton Road) where I bought an awesome possum of an art book full of Manolo Blahniks(for someone!). Its such a gentle way to spend a rainy afternoon in a loft full of hand chosen books. short found another haven too (after curious tepee, I suppose!). When she called tham for directions to duxton em who was baking tgt, she reminded us of Flor, but we were all too determined to get to the Pigeon Hole. Coincidentally we actually parked opposite Pigeon Hole but the shops all looked so deserted we walked all the way down and actually discovered the lovely gem of the bookshop. No regrets getting lost and stumbling into that gem!

Turned out The Pigeon Hole was hosting an event (about changing your life, doh), so we couldnt continue our zen pm there, plus we were spoilt silly by the selection of cakes at Flor (which we popped by but was too packed) - the Pigeon Hole only had drinks (coffee) and either chips of choc bread and butter pudding (which turns out to be the only thing that was served there that I read about and I wanted to try!!)..hence forth we walked back to Flor(Duxton Road)where we were lucky enough to first spot a seat outside then inside. Too clautrophobic to be sitting to two intense couples tho, one esp w the photography ;P
Short spotted the Earl Grey Choc from miles whilst I ordered the Napolean my all time favourite. The cream was smooth and early grey subtle, we loved it - esp with the chunks of banana at the core. The Napolean gives the best of both worlds between a fruit strudel and a strawberry shortcake. Was most tempted to go for the third cake the chestnut ones but alas when we were done with these two they were all gone!!

Gave short a lift to town where I picked up Far East Movement...then drove to flyfairy's place to join her all the way to sijia, sorry for the horrid human tomtom dirrections. Haha. Im the worst ever human gps, even with the google maps in my hand. dunno how i got thru taiwan japan and aussie navigating on my own. haha. Ah Nogh's directions were like the worst!! but still thankful for you being the secretary and apologies for not rsvping.
The steamboat was lovely (thanks for hosting sj and parents!!). we were a noisy bunch from the boisterous storytelling from tiff and wp..miss the old batch so so much..and everyone seems to have moved on (except me...haha still stuck here). A very radiant c also all fresh from a speedodating event (bojo haha) with stories to tell. All things in life should be experienced once, I agree. Jio me next time k?
Hope the happiness trickles over to the sunday colo call...

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