Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Food and Wine Company

Met the girls late for brunch at Dempsey on a Saturday the 4th day of CNY - original plans to meet at Pamplemousse was totally crushed after my arrival wayyy past the closing time of 3pm (last order at 230pm) and Jas being earlier than me despite having an earlier appt (sorry qian waited for an hour!) hence we met round the block at the very quiet Food and Wine Company (Blk 7, Dempsey) where qians frens wanted to dine once. Most people sat al fresco (it was mighty hot!!), so We felt like we owned the whole indoor area (it felt like home, with the carpeted fluffy floors...) until someone strolled into study, and the girls hinting to me I should have a staycation like this. Was deciding on a holiday then. Ideas included Taiwan (which I decided on in the end), vs Kyushuu in Japan vs Penang where Qian had a recent holiday and so was totally recommending it.
Started off with polishing the remainders of their skinny fries..

Moved onto the very clean tasting nachos with that fiery spicy salsa dip (loved it!). I guess with individual portions of sauces you can control the drenchness of your nachos.

The chilli crab dip comes with potato wedges but we converted it to skinny fries. I think I miss Yella Fellas loads...their chili crab fries were just awesome possum.
Dessert platter- brownie, apple crumble and a fruit preserve. Rather generic but the girls liked it esp the coffee scented brownie. Of cos my favourite part of this was drowning whatever pastries into the ice cream!

Thanks Qian for the lift back and cant wait for the next pizza date ;)

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