Saturday, March 26, 2011

Far East Movement, Wavehouse Sentosa

A Thursday when i discovered three of my bestest gfs were ALL on call and would have ALL loved to catch Far East Movement at Wavehouse. In the end Chongs managed to swop hers and having her change into her rocker chic of jeans and tank (I was still in a stiff white shirt....) was most swift and ... practised. Haha its been some time, Chong. We were 2 hours late (it started at 7pm) cos C promised 730 but she only ended at 830!when it was supposed to be gasp, her earliest! I had hope that they'd be two hours late too. Eventually i found out on Life (saturday's) that they appeared soon after our arrival (at 915pm no less!). Kena conned by the organisers when they said that the event started way before and thought we wasted all our money.
The party was really on a high just as we came - the attica djs were really getting the crowd up and going (neither did we know that they were up to stripping moments before!!) and moments after we found our lounge seats to order some food that we found Far East movement coming all honesty we thought that it was their ___th set but it was probably just their first.
Beef patties - its name exactly. I was expecting many patties - but it was simply one! kenna conned again but anyway it was one smokey tender patty so I shan't complain much.
Nachos were a monster!! It was a massive mountain of it, but not enough cheese and sour cream to match. Please get the proportions right, people.
Really strange to be just having food and icecream soda but we were in our comfort zone and perfectly zen in our happiness. Age...We were just enjoying the vibe from the lounge seats and got it all up for their one hit wonder(s). A lil disappointed I didnt get to hear kels favourite I party (i love it!!).. The set was so so short and there was no encore so we thought we really misst it all but..there was all to it!
Wanted to move onto attica/zouk but z was totally empty and by the time we reached clarke quay C was a goner so we zoomed home. Need more spontaenity and actually, more of C in my life! Miss you loads.
Well I tried to upload the video but its taking far too long. Go listen to I party. Gosh its really hypnotic!

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