Saturday, March 19, 2011


It was a Monday and we were deliberating on loads of choices - gave up waiting for the boys. It was past CNY and we decided to meet up during short's leave. Called her x 1 in the AM for lim kr's teaching when i realised the girl is on leave. Then when work ended and i tried to call her she must have thought i was some insane sn trying to locate her at 7pm. Anw, after work ended around 7 ish we decided to head to Oso (Bukit Pasoh Road). Wanted to try Cocette too but it was full till next seating at 845pm and short couldnt wait! Picked her up at Outram MRT and we headed st to Chinatown and managed to secure a nice lot in the car park. One way street is a terror. (went agt the traffic x 1). We got slightly disorientated cos of the huge Oso sign, but the bar on level one was by another name. But we strolled right in and found our way...
Btw, I was totally not dressed for the occasion wearing a Pisa tshirt (supported by ducks, no less) and pants. When I was hobbling up the stairs I thought even the waitress was wearing more formal than myself... and everyone was dressed to the nines inside....oh well heck the faux pas.

The very delicious looking bread platter I've seen in all too many food blogs I finally got to try for myself. Best of all was the soft fluffy tomato relish bread. Lovely texture in between that of cake and bread.

Seafood soup with a minestrome base was a little thinned out, I thought.
Eggs with black truffle was the bomb. We had cute mini frying pans with an egg each. Very thoughtful.
Pasta with rabbit meat was a little too gamey for us!
Mushroom risotto is something short could eat forever, but of which I ended up eating mostly. Very grainy and full of bite and flavour. Love almost all types of risottoes from the gritty to the mushy. Creamy anything is ultimately delicious.
After dinner we went next door to Absinthe where we had some small talk with the chef and was amazed by his passion for his food (cooking it, not like us devouring it). Would love to try the French food there some time. Actually loads of opportunities for set lunches with the standard of restaurants here. But would we like our lovely lunches to be punctuated with calls... Spoiler.

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